Automatic scraping library daily
Hey guys,

I'm currently running TMM in a docker image. I would like to be able to automate the library update and scraping. For this I have a cron job calling following script:
docker exec tinymediamanager /tinyMediaManager/ -update -scrapeNew

My problem now is that I'm getting an error unless I'm closing the web GUI of TMM, but then I can't use the web to check the status, new movies etc.
Quote:ERROR [headless] - Error in the background thread of the persistent cache
java.lang.IllegalStateException: The file is locked: nio:data/movies.db [1.4.191/7]
at org.h2.mvstore.DataUtils.newIllegalStateException(
Is there a way to fix that? I don't want to run TMM manually every day.

thanks a lot.
Not easily.
The GUI opens the database, the CMD tries also.
This failed, because the files is locked for the GUI.

But this is a common way in all operating systems.
When a file has been opened, it is "locked" and you cannot (easily) modify or delete it.
Which does make sense...

Yes, i see your problem with the remote docker TMM, but have no solution in mind...
tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
Wanna help translate TMM ?
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Hey myron,
thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
Do you think it will be possible to add a feature in future versions to set an automatic refresh and scrape in the GUI?

If there is no immediate solution possible maybe I can get the script to kill and restart the GUI as well.

Thanks a lot.
Not to trying to be an ass but can't you close the app when you're not using it?

I only use the gui if I don't like what it scraped for images and / or when CMD can't find the movie / show for some unexplained reason when the GUI can.  Otherwise, I have the automatic run executed every hour.  That seems to be good enough.
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