RPI Zero W multiple sensors
Hello there,
this is my first project with Raspberry pi.
i want to make a Testing chamber for growing micro greens(small plants).

What this chamber does is following:

1- weigh the growing pods (pods picture is attached) - load-cell and HX711 (four of each of them)

2- control Humidity and temperature with DHT22 attached to relay board to turn on or off the heater and humidifier (one DHT22) and also turn off and on the exhaust fan.

3- Control light hours (turn on and of in specific time) with relay

4- control growing medium moisture with capacitive moisture sensor (CSMO v1.2) - sensor control the solenoid valve to water the pod with relay board whenever medium is got dry. since out pot signal is analog i use MCP3008 to convert it to digital

5- each pod has flow meter attached to its watering pipes to measure how much water is used

to be short i have the following sensors that i want to control with RPI zero W:

4 * Load cells (YZC-133) with 4 HX711 for each one
4 * Solenoid valves
4 * Capacitive moisture sensors (CSMO v1.2) with 1 MCP3008
4 * Flow meters
1 * Humidifier
1 * DHT22
1 * Exhaust Fan
1 * Heater
1 * Light
2 * 4 Channel relay board
(schematic wiring is attached )

So here are my questions:
1 - could R PI zero W handle the processing load of controlling these sensors?
2- is it possible to do this project with ESP32 and MCP23017 (for GPIO port expansion) ? could ESP32 handle these sensor's processing load? 

i appreciate any suggestion for doing this project. 

schematic wiring:

Growing pod:
http://s8.picofile.com/file/8351761018/ ... Pod_01.jpg
http://s9.picofile.com/file/8351761050/ ... Pod_02.jpg

Thank you all in advance.
This forum is only for Kodi support, not general Pi projects. For that I would suggest you visit the Raspberry Pi Foundation forums, probably more specifically this sub-forum.

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