Migrating a Jarvis skin to Leia
I'm testing the new MVC 3D fork of Kodi 18 Leia but immediately ran into the issue of my customized skin not working. I've updated the addon.xml to the new engine version but the main menu Home_Includes.xml does not produce any results. Trying to compare my code to the same file of other working skins nothing specifically jumps out at me as being new or different.

I have looked at the changes to skinning for Leia thread and did not see anything that looked to be effectively changed in this area of the skin. As I have no main menu options I can't tell if anything else works or not.

I'm not even sure if this is the place to ask for assistance but as I took a skin a long while ago and heavily modified it to my own specific needs, had it functioning without issues for the past several versions of Kodi, and now am stuck, there is no master skin thread to look into. There also seems to be very few skins that have migrated to Leia for which to try and disect, including what ever version of the original skin I used a long time ago as my basis. I don't even think the Jarvis version of that skin resembles much of what it was when I first began to dabble.

For now I've gone back to Jarvis but would appreciate a guiding hand in what may be changed that will throw out my skin so bad. Not expecting anyone to know everything without looking at code but an idea of where to look and/or what to look for would be great, especially from someone who's worked this out for their own skin already.

Is it a completely custom built skin or a modification of something else?  For my Estuary mods I always start again when a major version is released and hand merge all the custom code.  So if you just did a mod of another skin you might be able to get the Leia version of that skin (or maybe even the Krypton version) and use that as a starting point.
You'll need to start with the Krypton changes -

Changes to the skinning engine for Kodi Krypton

Once they're all done then do all the changes for Leia.
My mistake. This should be about migrating from a working Krypton skin to Leia. It was late when I was trying to remember all the versions correctly.

As I stated the original base skin was from Kodi 12 or something, a long while ago. Since then that skin was become something very different and to my knowledge has not migrated to Leia. At least it's not in the main repo.

I have looked at the list of changes but from what I can understand there doesn't seem to mention anything about the main home includes. That is my starting point as that is the main failure.

I don't do anything crazy or funky with my skin. I just designed the layout I really like and find very functional. I've done some tweaking to a few things but overall it's pretty basic. I removed things like widgets and sets and other things I never use. I'm just unsure at this point what has been changed that causes an immediate failure. Thanks for any suggestions.
Main home includes are the same as any other include so you'll have to follow the changes thread all the same.
A lot of booleans that had new and old versions working in Krypton now only work with the new versions.  I would start with a find and replace on those.   For me I had a ton of "string" booleans that needed updating.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Leia see: 304472
Still exploring with the idea of migrating and I'm curious about 2 actions that, as yet, I haven't seen mentioned.

First, main list views haven't been able to pull variables from tags in the media .nfo. Is this now possible? 

Example denoting a media file source as DVD, Blu-ray, Bluray 3D, 4K. Currently I have to use file naming structure to have variables display appropriate icons in list views (and possibly player info views, I don't fully recall).

Second, is additional artwork yet fully integrated into Kodi main? Logo, clearart and discart specifically. If so, by what file naming structure? 

Thanks for any info or links to discussion topics I've not been able to uncover.
Tinkering around a bit today and trying to decipher the debug log and found this error, but not understanding what it means. Does anyone have any ideas?

ERROR: Control 9000 in window 10000 has been asked to focus, but it can't
window 10000 is Home.xml.

you probably have this code in your Home.xml file:

this tells kodi it should put the focus on the control with id=9000 when the home window opens.

you'll get an error if that control does not exist, or if it's an empty container.
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I think maybe if there is a visibility constraint on control 9000 and it isn't visible when the window is opened you get that.  It may not be good practice but I don't think I've seen a bad outcome when that gets logged.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Leia see: 304472
Thanks friends for the input.

I've looked at the Home.xml and found all instances of 9000 and compared it to what is now the version of the skin I built my mod off awhile ago. That skin is very different now but the main call to 9000 is still the same. 

This is also the only skin error I can see in the debug log outside of an include and a view that there is some lingering code somewhere asking for that I no longer utilize.

I'm a bit stumped. I know that when I change to this skin from the default or the another working skin that my systems menus all work. It's when I return to the Home screen that my wraplist menu is gone not working.

I'll keep tinkering though and as always appreciate any hints and tips.
Are there any other flags or markers that I should be looking for in a log file that might help identify skin loading failures? I haven't been able to research any information on log debugging that helped me out thus far.

Also seeing lines like these and wondering if I've missed something.

DEBUG: Infobool 'container.content(movies)' still used by 4 instances

And for reference, none of these errors show up in the log for Kodi 17.6.

And pointers are always appreciated!
Wondering if any skinners with some knowledge might see this thread and offer some insight into what to look for in debug logs in trying to identify what might be the broken links in getting my main menu working in Leia. Reading a bit more of the improvements to Kodi 18 makes using Kodi easier and easier.

Also curious if, in 18, the use of media info tags has been incorporated or "fixed" in more screens that before had to rely directly on naming conventions to invoke variables (ie. media format DVD, Blu-ray etc).

Unfortunately I don't have a ton of time to delv deep into everything so any pointers and tips are always appreciated.
Posting a debug log hoping someone can point out the issues I need to address. It's a bit Greek to me at this point. Not looking for someone to do all the work but if you can point me in the correct direction of what I'm looking at I'll be in a better spot than I am know. Appreciate any helpful info.

The skin fails at the main menu. 

Because you don't have a valid skinshortcuts-mainmenu include?

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