No timeshift on final 18 release
I've seen a previous thread that timeshift wasn't working for the beta releases. I can confirm it's still not working for the production release.
I can see in the debug log that HandleKey is fired with action StepBack, but it doesn't actually do anything.

I did initially install the PVR plugin (3.5.4-1~stretch) from the Raspbian repo, but that didn't work at all and caused Kodi to crash. So I followed the build instructions in the PVR repo and got a library that at least played live TV streams.

I'm going to roll all my installs (unfortunately that's a lot of them) back to Kodi 17.1 as there doesn't seem to be any traction on the issues in Github. I realise that developers don't always have the free time to investigate, so I'll just have to be patient.
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No timeshift on final 18 release00