Cache remote filesystem directory content
Some kodi systems work in environments with high-latency networks. In such case working with remote filesystems, like SAMBA shares is quite painful. Even initial directory list step might take a lot of time.

One thing that can help here is to cache content of SAMBA directory (list of filenames). And when a user starts kodi the content is served quickly from this case. Meanwhile Kodi should start updating the cache asynchronously. And if dir content has changed - then update UI as well, to reflect those changes.

Having remote filesystem dir caching will help to make Kodi UI much more usable in case of high-latency networks.
and it will cause a shitload of pain for those with sane networks. it's trivial to enable this in kodi, but samba is not supposed to be used over high latency networks.
Is this setting (directory cache, I assume) user-configurable?

I have a fast gigabit network, loading up a SMB share with roughly 1200 files/directories in the root list and it can be quite slow on refreshes particularly when I delete files. I don't want to scan this share to the library and am aware I could organize it into a smaller listing but that's a lot of work I would like to avoid.
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