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17.6 works fine but i can't get 18 to work tried multiple builds.  uropanuhis.kodi (paste)  Thanks for any help I have tried everything i could find on this and many other forums.  The problem seems to be with the video card or drivers.
Great message to the point, wonderful log and I'll agree with your assessment.

You'll have to admit the ATI Radeon HD 4800 is getting long in the tooth. From you log "FATAL: DX:Big GrineviceResources::CreateDeviceResources: unable to create WARP device. Rendering in not possible." and then "FATAL: CApplication::Create: Unable to create window" Supported hardware (wiki) Looking closely at the stats for your card, it's not much slower than mine.. suspect that you might be able to pick up beta drivers from somewhere that would allow Liea (not sure what function is tripping it up), but if you end up stuck with Krypton, you're only missing the 4K functionality (that would definitely cripple your set-up) and all the rest of the improvements. Kodi v18 (Leia) FAQ (wiki)
Its beyond long in the tooth but with these video card prices its hard to buy a new one.  Losing 4k doesn't mean much to me the hdr is the only reason i would upgrade.  Any idea where to hunt for the drivers at?  Not sure what to look for in the driver.
Snoop around for a series 4000 beta driver but wouldn't hold my breath, this site sometimes has AMD workers visiting and sometimes they slip code out the back door. With the stratospheric graphic card prices, I would totally think of something like the Nvidia Shield for Kodi and 4K ability use to bridge to your PC as a storage solution and of late I've seen some very good prices (and better still it's a lot of FUN).
your card is very old and has no proper drivers, Kodi 17 works with such drivers without video API but v18 requires it, so if a driver doesn't support DX11 Video API then Kodi will not work.
Thanks I've been thinking about getting a shield for Kodi for me and retro games for my daughter. Not that I needed one more excuse to pull the trigger but this one probably finally pushed me over the edge. Now I just need to decide if I want to buy a cheap TCL or Vizio 4K TV to hold me over until LG fixes all the burn in issues on their 4K OLED TVs
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