Solved -  W10 K18.1 can't timeshift active recording. solution:( update TVServerKodi)
@emveepee No. The recording works very well. I can go to the end of the recording without worry. The video will not stop while the recording is in progress.

I will try to show a situation (I use google translate :/ ).
I start recording a show.
 The recording has started since 10min.
I start playing the recording which is 10min at that time.
I watch the recording for 5 min, the total video should be 15min now.
At these 5min of emission I have an advertisement of 10min that I will want to pass.
But on my kodi 18.1 I'm stuck at 10min.
While on kodi 17.6 I can go up to 15min.

On your video we see that your timeline in kodi is blocked at 42 seconds when you are at the end. while your video is 56 seconds
from here:, but it would have taken longer to be sure.

But in any case your timeline is different from mine. We see the added time. But it looks like you could not access it either?

Big edit:
So, I installed the NEXTPVR addon to check.
You're right that the PVR addons must add this function with the new version of kodi 18.1.
KODI 17.6 had it natively on all videos, but it is better implemented on kodi 18.1 with the addon pvr which has this function, we see the timeline grow.

I do not know if you can move this Thread in the MediaPortal PVR sub-forum or should I create another thread?

I think he's talking about the same thing but I'm not sure, I'm on windows : 337477 (thread)
I am not sure what version of the addon you have you need a new version 3.13 of pvr.nextpvr for proper in progress time playback.  I can access added time if I am not to close to the end.  With my video it is seeking to new data often.

@emveepee Thank you for taking the time to check this out. I was able to find the solution on the mediaportal PVR sub-forum.
  Suffice it to update the TVServerKodi plugin in mediaportal. I never thought it could be settled that way. It works now on windows 10.
Thanks it's solved
That was my original response to you.  Glad you got it sorted.

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