Req Tiny Media Manager on Android or QNAP Nas
Hello fans of TMM Smile

I really LOVE your scraper !!! I use it since 2014 or 2015 and will never miss it..

I know it is a very old question and I think it is answers already: THERE WILL NEVER BE AN ANDROID VERSION OF TMM.

So I have two questions:
I can add new movies via Android Handy to my collection - but I have to turn on my PC, start TMM and scrap that new move...
And this can only be done at home.

So: is there an alternative Android App which acts like TMM? (scrape new movies, adds posters, fanarts, plot, ratings,... sort and rename them like TMM)... so I do not have to boot my pc for every new movie?
And maybe I could refer to my cloud stored collection, so I can scrape the new movies from outside my home?
Btw: I would PAY for such an app like TMM on Android!!!

And the other question:
Because I don't think there exists such an app, maybe someone can tell me a way to install TMM on my QNAP NAS? Maybe via VM machines (but how to control TMM (via browser, on touchscreen with Android phone?)

Maybe someone can help me.
I want to add new movies with my handy (check!) and want to scrape, sort and rename them with my handy like TMM does via PC (no check!)

Thank u

PS: and YES, TMM IST the best scraper in the world ;-)
Well, we only have Java as requirement.
So, the command line interface of TMM should work fine on Synology or Qnap...

There's also an unoffical Docker image floating around, which exports the GUI into web.
Maybe worth a try...

But for some native apps, we do not have the manpower...
tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
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Thank u so much for the quick answer and the links @myron Smile
I will give it a try !!

An up to date TMM (3.0.4) in Docker is here I discovered:

It works very nice in Synology Docker, and is super fast compared to running it in Windows and having it scrape movies via SMB from your Synology.

There's only one but: the screen size is too small. So it's not very usable at the moment).

In Windows you get full screen, in Docker you don't get that. Is that something that can be controlled via some switch? (I looked in the GUI in settings, but couldn't find anything).

Thank you for any help,
tmm is designed to be used as a standalone app. I suppose if that won't work out of the box with docker, you will not find any hint IN tmm - you rather have to look in the docker settings (how the "screen" of tmm is presented to your browser)

EDIT: please read the docs of the docker creator in github.. everything needed is there..


DISPLAY_WIDTH     Width (in pixels) of the application's window.      1280
DISPLAY_HEIGHT     Height (in pixels) of the application's window.     768
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