1001 Movies you must see before you die, IMDB update 2018

IMDB got into this, and this smartplay list is taken from https://www.imdb.com/list/ls052535080/?s...tls_vw_smp and is updated for 2018, I did include foreign titles trying to pick up as many titles as possible, there is a few anomalies.

Alpha sort, so the list no longer follow the web export and it was to big (foreign titles) I had to break it into two. One is called 1001 and the other is 1002 you should be able to make a 3rd sort playlist that pulls these two to-gether or call them up together in a node.

replaced " with backspace
replaced : with backspace
Z is now Z Costa-Gavras

I take no responsibility for the accuracy, but it seems to work. I simplified the listing by excluded the dates, colons, odd foreign characters, and if your movie name doesn't match the title, you'll have to edit your movie title or the listing in the smartplaylist for it to show up. I didn't use the exclusion rule to exclude wrong dates or sets etc, feel free to edit or improve, and if you do; re-post with links, I don't think that pastebin.com will hold stuff beyond 30 days.

https://pastebin.com/wNRHvqGv Part A
https://pastebin.com/30NYybJ9 Part B

Save these two files as a UTF-8 called "1001 IMDB.xsp" and "1002 IMDB.xsp" with your favourite editor and place it in the Userdata (wiki) folder playlists/video, enter Kodi and select the listing in playlists. Obviously if you don't have the movie in your personal library, it isn't going to show up. Don't feel bad if this collection doesn't show much of your personal library, you're not old yet so you have a lot of time to add more!
Great collection. I love the movie River Collection...
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1001 Movies you must see before you die, IMDB update 201800