Stop kodi from playing specific tracks and notify of duplicate songs in playlist
Hello everyone need a little help on two things i would love to know if there is a solution of some kind,

1, Force Kodi to never play specific tracks in party mode

I have an extensive collection of music over 1000 albums and adding more as i rip cd's and party mode does a pretty amazing job of putting my whole collection on random in a sort of jukebox mode. But the problem i have some albums IE compilations feature artists i don't like so of course party mode is bound to play the tracks. Is there anyway for me to get Kodi to ignore specific tracks so no matter what they don't get played unless i was to choose them myself which i know i wouldn't??

I know i could easily just delete the music from compilations but i hate having incomplete albums especially if i adore say a bands album or soundtrack but i dislike 1 song on there it would bug me missing the track lol

2. Notify me if i add duplicate songs to a playlist

Spotify does an amazing job of notifying me if i add songs to a playlist that's already on there such as if i added Bohemian Rhapsody and forgot, spotify would say it's already on your playlist. I am beginning to work with Kodi playlists in favor of spotify but is there a way for Kodi to notify me if i add a song that's already in the playlist??

Thanks in advance Smile
1). Use smart playlists. Any smart playlist can be played in party mode, or a specific "party mode playlist" can be created for use by default. Smart playlists are based on rules, so if you just need to define what songs you want to exclude using rules e.g. not genreX, source (v18 onwards), artist name. It is not as simple as manually picking those you don't want but much more powerful.

2). Nothing to do that. Kodi isn't a particularly good playlist editor, but then again it has a flexible library instead. My suggestion would be to  move away from making long manual lists of music, and instead make smart playlists that use the rules you give it to pick the contents. The more fully you tag your music files, the more data Kodi has to split up your music.

Explore smart playlists, see what they can do Smile
Thanks for the reply

So smart playlists are the way to go ill give it a shot, all of my music is primarily CD rips all cleaned up and tagged using Music Brainz Picard so no worry of duplicates, missing album art etc so Kodi will play nice with my collection. Ill see how i get on with smart play lists. I have just downloaded a text file of a playlist in Spotify called Songs i Adore, it's primarily just for songs of any artist i know i could play to death so re creating a 800+ playlist may take some time haha. 

It actually came to me today to create a playlist and add the whole collection but just remove certain songs if i don't care to hear them then drop it on partymode, i enjoy the fact i can revisit songs i ain't heard for ages and listen to deeper cuts from artists i love.
Use of the "rating" tag, or "user rating" in the UI would be a way to mark songs as "don't play" when filtered on rating/user rating in a smart playlist.

"Duplicate" song seems like a deep issue to me.  Do you mean the same file, or the same recording (so if a recording is included in a single release and also on a "best of" release, is that a dupe?)  Or just the same title / artist (and do you consider different codecs like a flac and an opus used as duplicate)?  There's been arguments on musicbrainz about tracks that were "remixed for iTunes".

scott s.
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Sorry for the late reply

The ratings tag sounds interesting could i set it so say a o,1 rating means it doesn't get played.

In regards to duplicate songs i mean the same file so if i was to add Duran Duran - Planet Earth from the self titled album if i tried adding it again it would just say it's already on there would you like to skip or overwrite instead of adding it again, it gets murky in regards to different mixes, same song but on compilations etc but i'm primarily focused when adding songs only on Studio releases unless i can only get the song from a compilation. All my music is the same format OGG so that should eliminate something.

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