Hello world.

Do you know if exist some add-on for helping  the parents to "rate" violence/sex content in the media catalog? Many times I would watch a film with the family (or also alone but with the sons in the room) and then I must open IMDB (or kids-in-mind site) from a smartphone (we have kodi on a rpi and only a smart tvremote) in order to check the "parental guide" where there are the content advisory about sex, violence, etc.  Nobody need that?
It would be fantastic have a "programs" like an "scraper" that add these info at your catalog. 
I searched about but it seems there are not addon for this.... only I found an old addon "Suitability" for search manually info but the repo is down and I think the develop abandoned...anyway it needed to search manually a title then... very slow to use.

Thx... Ciao
kodi already does that when you scan your movies to the library.
the MPAA rating is displayed on the movie info screen.

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I don't know of such an add-on. Perhaps keeping movies suited for kids in a separate video source and profile is another option for you.
Thx for the responses but MPAA rating isn't useful (for me), because really if the language isn't the best for a kids...I can decide to watch anyway. Same thing I can do in case of violences/nudity (see an ass out of the context of a sex scene for me isn't from a rated R)

Also, "keeping movies suited for kids in a separate video source and profile" isn't another option for me. My problem is know fastly if I can watch a film or not with the kids I can separate video sources if I don't know the contents? Also sons use Kodi only on under my supervision. 

In my opinion the big problem is the "sex" content because many time the film is very light but sex scenes are presents .... Big Grin

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