Issues with live TV Timeshift kodi 18
Have also posted this here as looks like the same sort of issue = 340906 (thread)

I don't get any time-shifting at all in live TV anymore.
I can pause but rewind and skip forward don,t work.  
If i install kodi 17.6 it works fine again but on any version of 18 (have used many many nightly's) i don,t get any rewind or skip forward.

And if you look at the play bar on 17 they are reverse and forward arrows indicating that rewind and fast forward is available but in 18 you dont.

If anyone needs any logs ext let me know.

Have also posted this in the add on section.

Cheers All
I have also have the same issue with Kodi V 18. Timeshift does not work with Forward and backward winding.
Having exactly the same issue as OP, can pause but no fast forward or rewind functionality
No one with an solution for this issue?
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Issues with live TV Timeshift kodi 1800