Solved Has something changed with the way the Kodi Forums handles images?
I was trying to add some images to another thread today and noticed that some images are being distorted by the Kodi Forums.

For example:


The code for this image looks like this: Image

If I remove the dimensions [=1280x720], it looks like this:


The problem is in either case, the image link doesn't work. So there is no way to view a larger version unless the image is wrapped in a [url] tag.

What gives? Is this some type of error from a server update?
The img link is indeed better off without the dimensions. You can also use the 'i' Imgur link in the editor's menu bar for an automated upload of your image/graphics and a img link to go with it.

Apparently the img URL click option has been disabled some two days ago. It's one of those form software things that need attention.
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The forum is doing what you asked by adding width=1280 height=720 to your image tag, but the width is constrained by CSS to 50% of its container which is substantially less than 1280px so it's reduced the width of your image to fit. The browser can fit the height of 720 - so it does. The result is a deformed image. When you leave out width and height, the browser realises it cannot fit the full width of the image so it does the sensible thing and scales both width and height to match - because you allowed it to.

The issue is not with the forum or browser. It's because you are insisting the image should be displayed bigger than the available space - the browser is doing the best it can with limited information. On the other hand if you specified a width of 400 and height 225 (which does fit) you would see it in the correct aspect ratio.

FWIW, I would have removed the ability to specify width and height and let CSS do its thing. But then someone could come up with a use case in which specifying exact height and width is necessary!

I understand. The issue seems to have been resolved. The images are actually back to resizing themselves to fit the available space.

It does involve some manual editing of the image when the dimensions seem to be added automatically when you use the image icon and copy and paste an image link. The default behavior of the forum is to use the dimensions.
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But to answer the question, yes there's a problem been identified in how the images are being displayed from tags (especially for posts with multiple images) and it's being tweaked behind the scenes. But due to software upgrades and previous tweaks already done on various bits it's not quite as simple as one would wish apparently. More work (and a revert or two I think) was done last night iirc.
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Has something changed with the way the Kodi Forums handles images?0
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