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Android Skip forward/back buttons have stopped working [Solved]
I'm currently running Kore 2.4.6 and the skip forward/back buttons have stopped working. They actually stopped a couple of weeks ago, and I'm not certain if there was a Kore update since then.

It initially stopped working while I was running 17.x on a really old Kodibuntu install, so I put off putting much effort into resolving the issue knowing that I was going to be updating to LibreELEC running 18.0. I did the update over the weekend, but still no love.

I used to be able to use the left/right arrows to bump forward/back by 5/10/etc seconds, and the up/down arrows for a 10 minute jump. Now, only fast-forward/rewind are working.

I'm happy to supply any logs or debugging info necessary to help track this down, but I'm not sure what is necessary. Give me a shove in the right direction and I'll provide it.
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(2019-02-28, 11:32)syncd Wrote: 2633024 (post)

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I had the event server enabled. At some point it seems to have disabled itself. Now, I cannot get it to stay checked on either my phone or my wife's phone.

I select the checkbox and hit test and after a few moments it returns to the previous screen. I click the hamburger menu to edit and it's unselected again

I select it and enter 9777 in the port field, hit test and the same thing happens.

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Finally found it.

It was the "Allow programs on other systems to control" that didn't get set this time around.
(2019-03-02, 02:11)FreeMan xbmc Wrote: Finally found it.

It was the "Allow programs on other systems to control" that didn't get set this time around.

Thanks!  This helped me, I use the same buttons for the same function. I also still have an install of the XBMC Remote for android installed.  The full screen remote control in the old app is WAY better than Kore - actually full screen.  I also prefer it because there is an android widget so the remote sits on the android home screen.  It would be great if Kore could add add that full screen remote and widget.
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