Looking for help/ideas with how I'm trying to tag my ID3s
I have a good amount of albums and have been trying to think of a way to accomplish a better (for me) way to be able to sort thru my collection.  I don't like having a ton of extra lists in artist view when a song has a guest artist on it. What I mean by that is if all my Beastie Boy albums have 15 total guest artists. There will be 16 entries and thumb nails under artists for Beastie Boys. I know I could technically tag those albums as compilations and it would fix it. But, they're not and it still wouldn't give me the flexibility I'm looking for for the next the thing I'm trying to do here. Here's what I'd like to do, be able to make a smart play list, or find a song based off guest appearances. I suck at explaining things so I'll use an example.

Beastie Boys featuring Biz Markie - Bennie & The Jets. 

I'd like to be able to not just search my library based off Biz Markie, but search only for songs that he's featured on, and none of his own. Pretty sure this is impossible without some modifications to ID3s. What I have come up with was for those tracks with guests to put the guest artist in the comment, or grouping field. Then I could create a smart playlist that says "song's that extended field contains Biz Markie"  Not sure how smart playlists work in KODI, as I've only messed with them a little. But I've done similar things with iTunes. It seems like the best method, but I'm curious if there's a different way I'm overlooking. Right now to keep the bunch of extra names to show up and clutter my artist list I have my tags like this

artist: Beastie Boys
track: Bennie & the Jets f/ Biz Markie

This leads me to my 2nd issue, *IF* my theory's basically a good way to do this, I have a lot of music and it would take me forever and a day to manually edit all the ID3s.  Now I know what I'm attempting to do is pretty specific so I don't really know ifd any software exists (Windows) that could do this, or at least semi-automate this.  All my music's tagged pretty thoroughly. I thought maybe Music Brainz would, but playing with it I think what I'm trying to do is just too unusual. I'd rather ask here and get told no like I'm thinking already. Then to edit a couple thousand ID3 tags only to ask here and get told "you shuda done this big dummy!" I suspect doing this manually will take me a solid month of work lol.

if anyone reads this, can actually understand me, and has an idea for a method to accomplish this better than mine. Or knows of the magical software I'm looking for I'M ALL EARS!
unless someone has a better suggestion for me, I figured this out. Posting it got me thinking in a different way, and I realized already have the artist names in the song title field. So I can just create a smart playlist using that as a rule. If anyone here does something similar I'd love to hear your method. I really don't like having the guest artist name in the track field as it can look cluttery, but I couldn't think of a more suitable way. Well, that's until I thought about using the comment or grouping field, but I didn't come up with that until years after I'd ripped all my CDs and spent months getting my tags in order lol.
It seems to me maybe you would do better with a "contributor" entry.

For song artist use the "Beastie Boys featuring Biz Markie" credit string
Add an "artists" tag for "Beastie Boys" and also an artist MBID for "Beastie Boys"
Add an "involved people list" pair of "Biz Markie" (featured artist)

In Kodi you see this:
Music -> Artists


Music -> songs


Music -> roles


Music -> roles -> featured artist


Create a smart playlist for artists like this


I think that will get you close to whee you want.

scott s.
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THANK YOU! I will follow what you said, I've spent who knows how many hours in Kodi's music section, but I've never noticed this role section. This looks like it will take a huge amount of time for me to finish, but if I do 10 albums a day I should be done uh by the end of the year or something lol.

And you like, win the internet for actually using the song I mentioned as your example. Do you actually have that song? Either way I'm impressed Smile

Poking around MB it add's a bunch of advanced fields to files. Never really used it so I guess it's time to do so. I looked where you said and have 1 track that showed up so I opened it in TagScanner to see what was different about it to make it show up under the "guest" in Roles, it was the closest thing I could find to "featured artist" I don't have that as an option, I need to go read up and see what I need to do. But it looks like MB will maybe make this a looooot easier than I could have imagined. 

I just dropped a single album in MB to test it, it change the artist to "Lionel Richie with Blake Shelton" Now before, it would've added another entry in my artist view "Lionel Richie with Blake Shelton" Not sure what MB does, but it added some advanced tag or something because I only have a single "Lionel Richie" tag in my artist view.  THIS IS AMAZING. It did add an entry for Blake Shelton, but it's a ton better than how it looked before.

thank you thank you thank you for your help so far.
I can't say "Beastie Boys" is really my taste in music, but when looking at tagging issues or ideas I find it is best to experiment with something that actually exists, since you used that as an example it was easy enough to make a test song to play with.

The "roles" attribute in Kodi is an attempt to provide a richer experience by adding useful info about songs.  From a database standpoint an entity with a "role" is treated as an artist (so can have scraped data and artwork associated with it).  Some roles are "hard coded" due to widespread use, such as "Composer", "Conductor", "Ensemble", "Engineer".   Other roles are not hard coded and it's really up to the user to define them.  Tagging formats allow for paired data for these roles, the most common is performer/instrument.  But it can also be used for example, Opera or the like to match a singer with a character.

Currently Kodi doesn't use these non-hard coded roles that much, other than allowing you to list all these roles as a library node, and then when selecting a role listing all the artists in the database who have been assigned to the role (and then the songs they appear on).

So to make the current capability useful, you need to be consistent in how you create these roles.

Personally, I use "Ape v2" tags in mp3 files, and "Vorbis/Xiph" tags in flac files as I've found ID3 tags to be troublesome.  I guess if you use ID3 v2.4 that works better than 2.3.  So I'm not sure of a good tagging software to add ID3 tags for roles other than I think TIPL is the main ID3 tag that's needed.

Note that in the "roles" music node, there is an "all contributors" item, and that one when selected will show every artist that exists in your music library.

scott s.
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The solution that works for me and keeps the Artist field in library tidy:

I use a combination of musicbrainz picard and mp3tag for manual adjustments.

First drop album in picard, let it do its thing, hit save.
(as plugins i have fanart.tv cover art and most important: wikidata-genre)

Then open album in mp3tag:

Manually edit the artist field, move extra artist to song tag:

To achieve that edited filename automatically, i hit the Tag - filename button
with the format string:
$replace($lower($num(%track%,2)-%artist%-%title%), ,_)

Some albums don't have genre tag/album art.
Look up genre from discogs.com, add manually.

There you will most likely also find album art.
Quickly resize album art using sth like IrfanView:
  • Drag mouse for a perfect square
  • Cut to size with Strg+Y
  • Resize with Strg+R
  • Save with Strg+S
Using this method, you'll have album art in seconds.

After all that:
Kodi will still play fanart from the extra artist because of the song tag/musicbrainz id.
In this case, the artist Montserrat Caballé will be displayed in library/Artists as well.

Especially useful for pop compilations where there is lots of "feat.", "w/" etc.
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thanks for the reply VelvetKevorkian, I downloaded both plugins, the fanart one's great.  Not sure what MB did different, but I'm down to a single artist name/thumbnail for every album I've ran thru MB, even if the album has a ton of features.  Also, since MB renames the artist tag [artist with [featured artist])] I made a test smart playlist with a rule of "title contains "with [artist]" and it did exactly what I was after. I'm assuming MB will tag all my feature songs the same.  But I do like what you said about the feat artist fan art showing up. Right now when I tried, it's only showing the fanart for the main artist. 

Now I have a question, the artist tag says 'artist feat. [guest artist]' if I make a smart playlist with a rule of 'contains artist feat. [artist]' the playlist comes up empty. If I do it the way I said I get 2 entries, which is how many I should have.  I'm 1. wondering why this isn't working, 2. if this should work what do I need to change? It seems like it should as is. and 3. if this is doable will it make the feat artist fanart come up?  I'm looking for a way that doesn't involve manually editing a bunch of ID3's unless I absolutely have to in order to achieve this.  I'm not against your method VelvetKevorkian, but if I can make it happen with the tags as I have them now, less work is always better lol.

Okay, with some help I figured out the playlist, thanks for giving me some other ideas though. I'm curious about the fanart for the extra artist. Currently mine isn't doing that, I checked 2 files and both had MB ID stuff in the tags. I'm guessing it could be a skin thing, I use Nox Silvo. So, I'll go try another skin. For both songs I'm only getting the main artist fanart. And I'm guessing they're both tagged correctly, because both songs show up under both artists in library mode.
If anyone finds this thread through attempting to do the same thing - which is very slim lol. Here's what works 

My music's tagged in Picard so all my tags are uniform. Outside of running my albums thru Picard I've done nothing to the ID3s. You create a smart playlist with the following rules

artist contains [artist  name]
album artist is not [artist name]

You put the same artist name for both rules. I have a decent number of duets, some I didn't even know existed. So it made some pretty interesting playlists so far.

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