v18 Translate new Weather String to german
how can i translate the Weather conditionDescription "Breezy" to german?

I use the weather addon Yahoo-Weather.


Are you sure that the correct word is "Breezy"? As we can't find that string either at the yahoo wether add-on


nor at Kodi core. Kodi Core therefore has "Breeze" which is already translated for german with "Brise"
Look here

That's the condition description that shows in Kodi. 

I did not find the string, so I asked. When I paste Breezy it will not translate Sad

Thanks for helping!
That's not a Kodi string. That's from Yahoo's weather API. I tried adding a language parameter to the request but it did no good. This is the only documentation I could find about Yahoo's weather API. I couldn't find anything about the endpoint you're using. It might only reply in English. If that's the case, you will need to translate in your add-on, or use a different weather provider that will respond in German.
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