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Hi all,

I almost always have had problems with buffer in PVR, I normally up the minvideocachelevel and also minvideocachelevel but it doesn't work or is not take account in Kodi 18, it seems a bug because If I set to 100% the video is shown inmediately and I have still issues of freeze and cutting audio.
I'm sure the issue is buffer because if I load the same video stream from service DLNA Kodi detects no enough buffer and video auto pauses load more buffer and then resume video without any freeze or cut audio

Please, is it possible someone may revise it? This issue destroys the experience

They disabled those buffer settings for PVR in Kodi 17+ and i agree that causes lot of problems if you're playing over wifi or outside your network to your backend.
For working buffer you need to go back to Kodi 16.x with the old behavior.
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