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Please can you help out. I have exercise videos in a folder, each programme has its own folder. In each folder a mp4 exists with the programme name filled by #72 or #73 and then there are a few unique ones just called remix1 etc.

The thing is I have created a tvshow art work and it’s great and a nfo. However I want to add a plot to the episodes which are the randomly named mp4s.

The thing is none of them show in the bottom window, I don’t even have sorted of greyed out file names. Can someone please help - what is going wrong?

I just want to see my randomly named files so I can make a nfo, add a plot and see it in Kodi.

Thank you

The files currently show fine in Kodi with a content set as a tv show.
Kodi just use the NFO, even if the season and episode number does not match the file name and the NFO <season> and <episode> node.
Ember only add files if they have at mininum an episode number and the same number in the <episode> node inside the NFO (or no NFO if you want to edit it by yourself). In the tv show edit dialog you can change the "Episode Ordering" to "Absolute" (than season will be 1 per default) and number the files like
  • Remix1 E01.mp4
  • My.Video.E02.mp4
  • DingDong-E03.mp4

Another way is to add the videos as movies and group it into a custom collection.
Hmm, wait a second, i think it's even possible if you edit the regex the recognize the files as you've named it. I will run some test and will be back soon...


you can change the second regex entry (double click to edit) to this one to catch "e12" and also "#12" as episode number:

[\\._ -]()(e(?:p[ ._-]?)?|#)([0-9]+(?Sad?:[a-i]|\.[1-9])(?![0-9]))?)([^\\\/]*)$

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