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I have a odroid C2 running Coreelec 9.0.1.
I use the Aura skin, no problem.

I had downloaded the Aeon MQ8, but after choosing use it, the screen is blocked and I have the message "wait for the process to finish". The progressing bar is alwway at 0%. After waiting around 2 hours, no change.

How can I switch the the previous skin, because now my kodi is completely blocked?
I can access by ssh.

tank you

If it were me I would:
1.  Stop kodi via ssh
systemctll stop kodi
2.  Either delete storage/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml or edit the file - look for the line specifying the skin
  (eg change '<skin>skin.aeonmq8</skin>' to '<skin>skin.aura</skin>' - obviously check the skin id's, or use '<skin>skin.estuary</skin>')
3.Start kodi
systemctl start kodi
thank you trogggy , it's working.
I can't tell you for sure, because I'm running Kodi in windows, but I had an issue where I loaded a skin that didn't work and got back the default skin by altering the file "guisettings.xml" in the "userdata" folder. I opened it with a text editor and found the line starting <setting id="" and changed the skin name there back to estuary, saved and exited and when I opened kodi, it opened the default skin again.

If your installation uses the same settings files, you might be able to fix it by the same means.
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