Dummies Guide to Extended Artwork doesn't seem to be working for me...
Not sure if I'm making progress or not, but here is what i've done...

1. I've created a new .kodi folder (using a Nvidia Shield TV), so it's a fresh install of Kodi 18.1.

2. I've imported my Movies and TV Shows (as the family is actively using this box), all is good so far.

3. Closed Kodi, added the updated (just like your settings) advancedsettings.xml file (/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi).

4. As I said previously, I've followed your guide, I have the separate "Artist Information" folder on my NAS, and made sure there are no .NFO files in any of the sub-folders under the "Artist Information" folder.

5. Added my Music collection (adjusted the Universal Artist and Album settings to grab all the extra art first, and there was a setting to grab additional information that was checked as well).

6. Here is where it gets interesting. Once my Music was imported (took like 2 hours to finish, plus I was busy, so waited for several more hours), I then ran the Context Menu on Artists to "Query info for all artists". So not sure what I was supposed to see, but I saw a message about Universal Artist at the top, then a buffering message, then Nothing... Am I supposed to see messages about what Artists are being updated, or some message when it is finishedHuh I gave this several hours to complete, but never saw any further messages.

Something similar happened when I went into Albums, then from the Context Menu ran "Query info for all albums", but this time I saw at least something different. First, the Message about Universal Album Scraper, then the buffering message, then a quick message "The Temptation - Christmas Album"...then nothing. Gave this like 5+ hours to complete, but never saw any messages other than these first 3.

Just in case you are wondering, all my music is tagged with MusicBrainz Picard, and it is set to remove existing tags, and the new tags are in id3 2.4. If that makes any difference.

7. Finally, I went in to set my "Artist Information" folder (in preparing to Export whatever Kodi may have gathered, if anything), and for some reason, Kodi said that this location has no rights to write too (which is totally weird, as its under the same Music source that I've used for years now, without any issues.

Tonight I will restart my NAS, and restart the Shield TV and see if that will fix this weird permission issue with the "Artist Information" folder. Assuming I get it fixed, I will then Export my Music library, and see if there is any difference between the original issues I posted.

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