Music Artist Art not appearing on remote pc and 2 Android Devices
Hello guys I was wondering if you can help me.
Since upgrading to version 18.1 of Kodi the vast majority of Music Artist art does not appear when you go into Music > Artists on all my instances of Kodi apart from my server on which all my media is stored which dispalys all the artist art for all artists.

The Art in question is stored in a directory like this\E\Music\ACDC\ folder.jpg. Fanart is also missing. All album art appears to be there.
I have tried re-adding the Music source, Querying Info for All Artists and Updating Library, but nothing seems to work apart from going in and manually adding the art for each and every artist. Strangely enough they do show as local art when you manually assign the art to artist and I have the settings in Kodi set to use local info.
I am using Mysql to share my libraries between my devices.

Oh and I have also tried setting a Artist Information Folder and pointing Kodi at that in the root of my E drive and the remote devices still don't seem to find the art and populate the artist with it.
Before Version 18 of Kodi everything worked fine. Also My video Library seems to keep itself updated between devices, so I would be surpised if it turns out to be a firewall network issue.

Thanks in anticipation of help.

You see artist art with Kodi installed on the the server but not the other clients - this has me scratching my head a bit.

Leia is more fussy when looking amongst music files for artist art than previous versions - unless the folder contains all the music by an artist and only that artist it does not pick it up. That could cause the odd bit of artist art to be skipped that was picked up before, but it also avoids all the wrong art being picked up too. However that would apply to the server too, and not the majority of your art.

Texture cache is local, if I remember correctly, so each device will have its own, I wonder if this is not updating correctly for some reason. I also do have to wonder about image file access, not so much your firewall getting in the way as the new file access security in v18 preventing it for some reason. Then again if it was that then manually assigning artist artist would also not work.

Can I see a debug log from the remote PC when trying to browse the artists node, see if that ofers some clues.

Oh and when you upgraded to v18.1 did you allow the mudic db to migrate from a previous version, or did you start afresh?
I had to delete the Music Library DB from Mysql as it had picked up duplicate albums a couple of times, not many but a couple. This was down to the way I had assigned the path to the Music library on the different devices I believe. So in answer to your question the Library is fresh for version 18 of Kodi.
I am entertaining this weekend so I am going to be busy all today preparing and the rest of the weekend is entertaining/ Hangover, so it will probably be Tuesday/ Wednesday of next week by the time I am in a situation to further feedback info and investigate further. Plus I have also found an menu/option in Kodi and I am trying to rescan the library to see if that makes any difference. I will let you know the outcome next week probably.

Thanks for taking an interest Dave, appreciated.

OK this issue is now resolved. It seems I had somehow used the wrong path to the source of my Music, even though I was sure I added it correctly and I am doubly certain I then deleted and re-added it again with the correct path. 

I do think the dev's are asking for trouble now that you don't have to specify the full path to shared networked folder sources i.e. instead of where the actual path is of though for some reason Android versions of Kodi do not accept the full path as far as I can tell for some reason unknown to me. I think the issue arose due to the fact I still had some of the old instances listed under Network Locations even though again, I thought I had deleted them.

I deleted as many of the old style network source as I could (some seem to be a bit hard/impossible to remove, unless I am being very stupid, which is always a possiblity) from all my devices running Kodi, deleted my Music Library from Kodi and then MySQL. Shut all devices down that have Kodi on them, restarted my server and then re-added the music source on my server and then re-built my Music Library. After doing this, at first glance anyways, everything now seems to be working as it should.

I hope this reply helps others who may in future experience similar issues.

Take care guys and thanks once again to Dave for taking an interest and replying to my initial query. 

P.S. Also it seems a bit strange, that if it was the old style network location that was causing the issue, that Album art was picked up, but not artist art.  HmmmmHuh Maybe someone could shed some light on why this happened.

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Music Artist Art not appearing on remote pc and 2 Android Devices0
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