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Collections artwork not showing up in Rapier?
Starting with a new install of Kodi, using Estuary skin, I import movies from a source, grouping together movies in the same collection, and the result that for each collection, unique collection-specific artwork is displayed in the main Movies screen (not simply using a poster from one of the movies in the collection). 
I assume these unique collection artworks were scaped from themoviedb.org when scanning the source. 
Then I switch the skin to Rapier, and now collections show artwork grabbed from one of the movies in the collection (for example, Star Wars collection now showing the artwork for Star Wars IV, not collection artwork). 
Any idea why this is happening? 
Is it possible to retain the collection artwork when switching to Rapier? 
This is a fresh setup of Kodi from scratch, and the only add-on installed is Extras. 
Hi stockjunior.

Can you please post some screenshots from Rapier and also from Estuary?
That way it's much easier to fix.

It shouldn't be difficult though, I just need to locate your exact issue.
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Collections artwork not showing up in Rapier?00