Shield Google Assistant Voice Controls Issue.
Is there a list of voice commands that work with the Shield/Google Assistant/Kodi?

I just updated my Shield after having not used it for a while and saw that Google Assistant now works with Kodi so I've been playing around with it.

-I can't seem to get Google Assistant to launch a movie FROM the Shield UI (outside of Kodi). When I say: "Play x movie from/in Kodi" the Shield says: Kodi is either not installed or can't be searched. I assume this should work, but it doesn't. 

By default Kodi is searchable under Google Settings.
I can launch Kodi from the Shield UI and when I'm in Kodi if I say: "Play x movie", most of the time it'll take me to the movie in Kodi where I can play it. Sometimes it'll search for the movie in the Google Play store even though It's in my Kodi library. (It won't show that the movie is available in my Kodi library).

Someone suggested tinkering with these settings: Settings/Services/Control (wiki)
But they don't solve the problem either.

Also, sometimes when requesting a movie from the Shield UI, I notice that Google Assistant will spell "Cody" instead of Kodi, which launches YouTube.
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