Android TV audio stutter fixed
I just got rid of my audio stutter, that I have been going insane over for the last weeks. My Philips 75PUS7803 android TV had problems sending 5.1 audio to receiver (micro stutter every 30s or so), 2.0 was no problem.[font] [/font]Ive read countless forums, changed settings over and over, re-installed TV multiple times, switched receiver, HDMI cables, hated on KODI, wanting to use a hammer on Philips, etc etc etc... My next step was returning my TV for another brand... So I just wanted to share, incase maybe it can help someone else. It was as simple as disable "UPnP support". I don't understand what it has to do with anything at all, but it is fixed now at least ...
Something on your network sends UPNP request (small radio maybe?) - this blocks kodi's mainloop for a short time and causes audio stutter.
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Thank you for this!  I never would have guessed it was being caused by UPnP.  This should be added to the wiki for troubleshooting.
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