Programmatically Selecting a ListItem in a Plugin
Kodi has the nice setting to select the first unwatched episode of a series. That's great, but it doesn't work in addons, and since addons are not necessarily providing a list that is relevant to that setting, it's fine.
Not working code that I think should
The plugin_dir object adds directory items and calls endofdirectory. I'm confident that code works well, but posting all of it would clutter up the forums.
My issue is that, selected: bool) -> None seems to do absolutely nothing, let alone what it's supposed to.
Working code that isn't reliable or good practice
This code works, but if it's called without enough time for Kodi to do proper endOfDirectory() stuff, then it does nothing, as the directory doesn't exist yet. It's generally bad practice to wait an arbitrary amount of time and assume it's enough, so what are my options?
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Programmatically Selecting a ListItem in a Plugin00