sorting by full date with month and day and reading it too, to sort files
I use Picard to tagg my albums and rename the filestructure with the full length of date, with month and day, but I learned that Kodi doesnt sort by month and day. Kodi only sorts by year and then by Albumname. Is there any workaround with advancedsettings for example to have kodi sorting by year, month, day - albumnameHuh
Simply put, sorry no.

I hope that one day your tagging won't be wasted, however the folder names don't matter to the music library at all, name then however you like.

Not only does Kodi only sort by year, but it only stores year in the database as well. I hope to do something about that for v19, make better use of the various date related tags, give users some flexibility. I would also love to rework sorting - do it in db not memory, allow user more configureability of sorts etc. - but that is a lot of work, so no timescales set for it.

But that is all jam tomorrow....
There are very few artists that are so prolific in their output that sorting by anything other than year would make sense. Musicbrainz is also inconsistent in using year, year-month or year-month-day for date related tags. Other services never use anything but year. Personally I cannot see a reason for more finegrained sorting in Kodi and won't ever expect it.

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sorting by full date with month and day and reading it too, to sort files0
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