Get Audiocodec to control AV-Receiver Settings via Script/Eventghost
Hi folks,
I googled a lot, but found no solution how to set this up:
I want to get the information of the actual played audicodec (like: AC3, DTS, DTS-X or Dolby Atmos, etc...) from KODI
to correspondingly change the settings of my AV-Receiver.
The Denon AV-REceiver I'm using saves the Upmixer information not for every Streamtype:
If you setup an Dolby AC3-Stream to be played with the Auro-Upmixer,
next time a Dolby TrueHD Atmos(!) Stream is also played with the Auro-Upmixer, instead of the native Atmos Signal.
With Eventghost I can remotly manage the settings of the AV-Receiver and switch between the Surround-Formats....

What I'm missing is, how to get the information about the used audiocodec from Kodi to Eventghost?
(Because I'm using Kodi with DSPlayer: it would be also ok, if it is possible, to get that information from LAVfilter)

An Alternative would be to directly trigger a script/Windows Batch File from Kodi in dependence of the played audiocodec.

Has anyone suggestion how I can setup this?

Thanks in advance.
Yesterday evening, I tested a lot with eventghost, the xbmc2 plugin and the capability of the plugin to get json-rpc messages from Kodi.
Now, I think, I'm a step further:
I got it to work, to get all(!) streamdetails from the current played item into eventghost.
But this is not useable for me, because I need only the codec of the actual played audiostream.
In the streamdetails, I get the details of all available audiostreams in this file. Confused

I think, I need this Property:
But I don't now how I can get it with the eventghost xbmc Plugin.
It looks a little bit to me, that the plugin does not support this property? Can it be?

Any other suggestions how I can get the info of the actual played audiostream-codec into eventghost?

Thanks in advance
Ok, I got the audiocodec of the current played audiostream.
did the trick.

Unfortunately, Kodi doesn't know atmos or DTS-X, so I get only TrueHD as codec for example.

In the Streamdetails I get the correct "atmos" Codec, because I populated the database with the help of tinymediamanager.

Next step could be to get the played language
Should work.
And then get the codec from the streamdetails, search for the language and pick that codec...
(Audiostream Index would be better, but I found no Property with this)
This will get a little bit difficult with my Python knowledge .... Undecided
I will continue my monologue Blush

Here is another Property from json-rpc:
Eventghost XBMC Plugin Support Thread

XBMC2->JSONRPC->Player->GetProperties and parameters:
[1, ["currentaudiostream"]]

But with this I also get only the audicodec as it Kodi for itself detects ...and no atmos or dts-x information.

I see only two ways...try to connect the currentaudiostream output with the streamdetails from the DB to get the correct audiostream and codec from the db-view
Or try to get the codec from Audiostreamname. In some cases the codec name is in the streamname. But of course not always.
(2019-03-20, 14:04)Z'Hadum Wrote: I will continue my monologue Blush

I found a solution, you can find it here:
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