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Understanding Music Ratings Philosophy
(2019-04-17, 06:54)scott967 Wrote:
(2019-04-16, 19:32)jasn Wrote: Thanks for confirming those offset deficiencies @scott967.  Knowing this, do you envision adding those features for UserRating info labels?

Some more digging there appear to be bugs:

1.  MusicPlayer.Offset(n).Userrating returns the value for MusicPlayer.UserRating (but other info other than UserRating do work?)

2.  MusicPlayer.Position(n).xyz returns the value for MusicPlayer.xyz (this since 18 A1).

scott s.
Recalling my efforts using MusicPlayer.Offset(1).UserRating, I was seeing that behavior you describe in 1. above.  My ratings display for next track matched the currently playing song.  That lead me to try MuscPlayer.Offset(1).Rating and populating the Ratings column to display the correct rating value.  

Function descriptions in the Info Label Section 8.1 of the Wiki appear to accurate for both usages:

MusicPlayer.Rating:  Numeric Rating of current song, also available are "MusicPlayer.offset(number).Rating" offset is relative to the current playing item and "MusicPlayer.Position(number).Rating" position is relative to the start of the playlist;

and for 

MusicPlayer.UserRating: The rating the user gave to the currently playing song. 

There is no mention of Offset capability for UserRating.

BTW, only UserRating as a display will allow a user to change a song rating on-the-fly (using PageUp or PageDown).
I may be wrong but the last posts don't seem to correspond to the thread title anymore... maybe move it to a skin or development-related section?
Actually I have posted to the skin dev forum thread on PR13754 as I believe this PR is what introduced the problem with MusicPlayer.Position(n).  MusicPlayer.Offset(n).UserRating didn't return anything back before PR13754 so not sure if it is a related issue.  I tried to look at the commits, and all I see is what appears to be cosmetic changes of changing i++ to ++i and push_back to embed_back in CGUIInfoManager::AddMultiInfo.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Greetings @scott967.  Thank you for your running this problem out.  I see that you've posted the issue(s) on PR13754 a while back.  Would there be a follow-up acknowledgement if it were fixed?
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