v18 mp3 music is chopped
I am newbee on Kodi and Android TV

I bought a Mi Box S with Android TV Oreo 8.1

I connected it :
- through Ethernet (vwith USB/Ethernet oconverter) to my cable modem/router
- HDMI cable 2.0 to a LG 4K monitor
- SPDIF/Toslink to my antique Denon 1602 AVR with 5.1

My movies and mp3 music are stored in shared directories on my Win 10 v18.03 Pc that is connected with Ethernet to the modem/router (no WiFi at all).

Yesterday I battled with Kodi 18.1 to make Dolby Digital sound work with AC3 5.1 encoded movies. It's fine now thanks to being able to activate audio passthrough

Now I tested playing back mp3 music that I ripped from my own CDs.

The problem is that there very short interruptions of the sound that is chopped (not sure that this word applies in thos context).
I tested with Plex and the same music : no problem at all

What can I do sothat Kodi audio playback is correct ans as good as Plex ?

Thanx for help
@cje67, look HERE to perhaps solve your problem?  Could be the ethernet connection.  I solved my problem by using a USB3-Ethernet adapter.  Works well.

[EDIT]  Never mind, I see you already use one.  Have you tried playing music through a wireless connection?

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mp3 music is chopped0
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