PR and CI issues and resubmits
Continuous Integration and PR's are an amazing features of Kodi developmetn and have really helped me improve code and has even got a bug or two for me personally.  What has happened though  is an at least 3 occasions there have been internal build problem with with git or compiling the modules that fail that are completely outside my control.  As an example today compiling a module and unrelated program had an error on one build

D:\jenkins\workspace\binary-addons\kodi-windows-x86_64-master\cmake\addons\build\p8-platform\src\p8-platform\src\windows\dlfcn-win32.cpp(276): fatal error C1090: PDB API call failed, error code '23': (0x000006BA)

What is the correct procedure to report these problems and/or to resubmit the PR to see if it compiles again? (one time a close/open did the trick)


"fatal error C1090: PDB API call failed, error code '23'" is caused by a Microsoft bug. So there is nothing we can do.
Thanks I understand, I researched that a bit too.  When I did my next update it was cleared so all is good.  What I was wondering is how to fix it if I don't a further work coming, ie close and reopen th PR etc.

Yes usually retriggering the build by either reopening or a forced rebase should fix it.
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