Changed from NFS to SMB now can't see art
I have setup the Artist Information Folder and it seemed to be working OK.
Now I have changed filehandling protocol from nfs to smb on my file server.
I have changed the Artist Information Folder setting in Media Settings>Music>Library>Artist Information Folder accordingly (now pointing to smb:// instead of nfs://)

When I now play some music, the fanart is not displayed and an error is show in the log:

ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting nfs:// Armatrading/extrafanart/

I attach to complete kodi log here

What can I do?
Have a nice new thread of your own  @eljejer rather than disrupt the discussion the other two are having.

I can immediately see the problem with changing protocol like that, the NFS location is what is stored in the music db and the art is no longer there, it is somewhere that starts smb://. Changing protocol has the same effect as moving the images to another folder, drive or device would.

What can you do, well change back to NFS is the obvious answer. Out of interest why switched to SMB?

Otherwise you will need to convince Kodi to rescrape your artists and pick up the local art again. That is not a totally trivial thing to do - moving or replacing art or media is something that Kodi does not handle well. It does not have a bulk refresh facility to go and find art either locally or remotely for things it has previously scraped 9although it is on my list todo). Meanwhile I have been known to modify the db directly, but I am not saying a normal user does that. Which means either you visit artist at a time and refresh (on artist info dialog), or remove the music source(s), clean the library, and rescan/rescrape.

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Changed from NFS to SMB now can't see art0
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