High CPU usage with Kodi 18.1
I'm having an issue where Kodi is always at ~50% CPU usage when idling in the menus, or slightly higher when playing videos

Windows 10
Pentium G4400 3.3Ghz
MSI GTX 1030 with Nvidia 419.35 drivers
Connected through a Yamaha AVR to a LG 4k TV if that matters

I tried a completely fresh portable Kodi install and it exhibits the same problem on this system.  Here is a debug log from that (filtered out my full name but otherwise untouched): https://paste.kodi.tv/zigocazike.kodi
I'm not seeing much in there though.  I've tried a number of old fixes for high CPU usage I've seen on this forum like turning off threaded optimization in the Nvidia settings, disabling all addons, and turning off the web server without success.  On my desktop Kodi 18.1 uses ~1% CPU idling in the menus with a fresh install.

A picture showing the CPU usage:

A picture showing the thread eating all the CPU along with some details from Process Explorer:

I can actually kill that thread and continue to use Kodi normally with minimal CPU usage and almost no ill-effects (it will hang on exit though).
ucrtbase.dll file is a software component of Microsoft Visual C++ there appears to be 8 versions, and something has happened in your case, either the wrong version, or corruption has entered. Hopefully a re-install overwrite will fix the issue and restore C++ needed routines, the fact that you can kill the library without damage indicates it's not doing much other than causing lost cycles.


This link https://imgur.com/woGRqPA will show the various versions on my system and their byte sizes. Thanks for those images.
Thanks for the response.  I removed and reinstalled all my VC++ redistributables, but no luck.  I'm on Windows 10 so I can't use your second link since it is built into the OS.  Not sure where to go from here, maybe an OS reinstall.
(2019-03-21, 05:40)mitul103 Wrote: Not sure where to go from here, maybe an OS reinstall.
Might be worthwhile to target out the various ucrtbase.dll's on your system for replacement. This has been seen in the forum previously, and the fix seems appears to be o/s oriented. But I do recall the installing an older version of C++ brought some success.
I'll give that a try before I commit to an OS reinstall in case it breaks everything.

mitul103 how did you solve a problem?

I have identical behavior on my KODI 18.1/18.2 in the navigation (menus) or any video decoding.

I tryed:
1.  to reinstall 18.1 build,
2. to setup all available updates of Windows 7, 
3. to install final build 18.2 after fully deinstallation of 18.1, 
4. to install nightly build 19, 
5. reinstall Microsoft Visual C++,
6. to replace "ucrtbase.dll" file from previous Microsoft Visual C++
all it did not help.

Configuration: Win7 x86, Pentium Dual Core, 2Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030.


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High CPU usage with Kodi 18.10
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