Looking for 2 streaming media server solutions for both video & audio
Looking for 2 streaming media server solutions for video/audio for remote controlled broadcast streams and one for local streams with access controls.
This could be used for various purposes, for commercial use an example would be ads to an electronic billboards or viewing screens within businesses.
Perhaps streaming your own internet TV channel for various purposes as well.

Another use  I need is I have an adult education school and for the classes I teach I would like to record lessons and have them categorized and streaming from my own media server.
Any suggestions for how I should go about accomplishing this with easy to use, maintain and hopefully open source and free to inexpensive solutions?
I may also want to integrate custom video and audio restricted access to certain videos/audio to certain students where I can discontinue only one persons access if need be. Perhaps to be integrated into and LMS (Learning Management System)
Does anyone know of any software that could accomplish these things or multiple solutions?
Preferably open source and free or inexpensive options considered.

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I'd suggest Mezzmo .  it isn't free but it is very cheap and their support is second to none.  I've been running it for years and I believe it can do everything you ant and more.
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Looking for 2 streaming media server solutions for both video & audio00