Can only use 1 AFTV at a time
If you try to use this add-on to stream from the VBox on multiple Amazon Fire TVs at once you can only get a stable stream on one of the boxes.

If you try to play a stream on another AFT (at the same time) it stutters heavily and is unwatchable. This is if you try to watch the same channel or try to stream a second channel.

This only seems to happen when using this Kodi add-on on 2 Firetvs, for example I can use it on a Firetv and play a stream through Kodi on my phone simultaneously without any issues.

To compare I can use the official VBox app on both firetvs simultaneously with no problem, so it is quite a specific problem & hopefully easy to replicate.

This has been the case ever since I bought the VBox (about 18 months). This happens whether you are on WiFi or Ethernet.
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Can only use 1 AFTV at a time00