How do you add Audiobooks
Thank you everyone for the suggestions so far.

TL;DR: tagging applications suggest that there's nothing wrong with my file, and I've rephrased the question at the end of this post (since I may be asking a different question than I think I am).
(2020-03-01, 00:39)DaveBlake Wrote: AFAIK the FFmpeg tager read used for .m4b format files with mp4 tags does read genre values. But since you mention NFO files, it is possible that you have "Prefer online information" setting enabled, in which case any genre value held in the album.NFO will override that derived from the tags.

An example fule would be the best way for us to check what is happening, or at least if atgging is the issue.

'Prefer online information' is not selected. I mentioned .nfo files because the site for the recommended addon to verify the tags mentioned .nfo files and being unable to update tags in audio files. There are no existing .nfo files related to the audiobook in question.

(2020-02-29, 21:40)Karellen Wrote:
(2020-02-29, 21:34)kbpickens Wrote: I would wonder if the problem is that the tag is stored in mp4 format instead of ID3, but the title and artist fields are being scraped.
Sorry, not sure. Maybe @DaveBlake will know.
I was able to verify with mp3tag (just got it installed in PlayOnLinux) that the genre tag is present and set to Science Fiction.

At this point, I am going to stop pursuing anything with Metadata Editor (it will probably work, but not well for my goals - I don't want to have to set the genre for each book manually), and I am not going to worry about .nfo files (they were mentioned only because the site for Metadata Editor makes several references).

I'm going to rephrase the question to see if I can address what I'm seeing as the issue/challenge/problem (and make sure I'm asking the question I think I'm asking):
I have an m4b with tags.
I think the tags are done correctly (two different tagging applications show them as correct).
Some elements of the tags are scraped properly (artist and title).
One element, genre, (possibly other elements that are not are not set in this file) is not scraping.
I will have a large number of audiobooks that I want to scrape into Kodi.
I do not want to have to set the genre for each book in Kodi (the tool I'm using to create the m4b - m4b-tool - files uses the directory structure to identify the genre).
mkvtool was not intuitive for me, so I'd like to avoid that; I might be willing to work with it if someone can do a truly step-by-step example (setting tags, assembling the files, &c.).

Having said all that, how do I get genre to scrape (is there a specific tag I should be putting the genre in - mp3tag suggests I have it in the right place)? This may be relevant to other tag frames as well (I have only run into it with the genre tag - there aren't a lot of others set in this file). Or, more generally: for m4b files with MP4 format tags, what frames should be set for what information in Kodi (I care about: artist, title, chapters, genre; I'd like: year, author)?
Best bet is to remove the book from your library, do a clean library then turn on debugging in kodi.  Quit it, restart it, scan only that book into the library and then upload the log file.  Also it might be worth making a file available (can be just a dummy file with no content but the same tags set as your book) so Dave can check the tagging.

If you know about tag frames, the ones Kodi reads are defined here ->

Genre is '\251gen' 

@DaveBlake FFmpeg doesn't read mp4 style tags does it ?  Only does id3v2.3/2.4 Huh
Learning Linux the hard way !!
Not sure is Genre is even supported as a tag for Audiobooks. I have not idea how any of this works but it seems suspicious to me there no mention of Genre here since I'm assuming that is what feeds the tag reader.
Yes, previous brain fart from me - nothing to do with ffmpeg - sorry about that. Then again I have never used the audiobook feature or touched the code for it, it just appeared in the music library...

Files with .m4b and .mka get treated as special kinds of music, tag reading is done by CAudioBookFileDirectory and the metadata processed is very limited. My guess would be that @spiff implemented it as a starting point for others to improve and expand. Currently title, album and artist is your lot, no genre (as @jjd-uk pointed out).
So my logic was right then even if I had no clue about how that code works. So maybe a easy addition for someone who knows what they are doing with C++ (note I'm not suggesting that be you Dave).
(2019-03-29, 21:49)jjd-uk Wrote:
(2019-03-29, 19:04)pagali Wrote: All of my audiobooks are in MP3 format... one file for each chapter. They're stored in a hierarchical form by AUTHOR / SERIES / TITLE / CHAPTER, equivalent to that of music albums. Will support for this type of audiobook ever be available? Obviously Resume would be the most important function that's not available now. I have never understood why the Audiobooks addon was banned... it worked so nicely.
Not using the present implementation as it relies on the extension type to identify the files as audiobooks, so at the moment anything either m4b or mka is treated as an audiobook. So mp3 couldn't be added without a huge change to the code as there is no way for Kodi to know if the mp3's are music or audio books.
Why isn't it as simple as simply defining the Library (i.e. the root folder) as audiobook? I don't use Kodi library's myself, relying on Emby for the backend management and emby next gen as a kodi addon to bring library info to kodi for playing. On Emby I can simply specify the Library as audiobook and all playable files there are assumed to be audiobook, regardless of extension. I've got TB's of audiobooks and converting them would be a daunting task.

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