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Best XBMC HTPC Hardware with HDMI / HD / 1080p + HDMI Audio
I posted the below quoted post somewhere because I was considering the Mac Mini for the above purpose. But then again, I am wondering if that is the BEST alternative to go for?

I know so far XBMC is majorly based on XBox and is SD. The QUESTION is ...

What would be the best hardware + software / OS platform for an XBMC HTPC (On Linux or Windows) that has the following features:
- Fast & easy boot to XBMC (So my old parents can use it and not have to deal with a Computer interface)
- Supports HDMI Out (Even if I dont have any HD content yet, I'd like to future proof this hardware if possible when HD content + XBMC HD capabilities are up to par)
- Can stream content (outlined below: DVD ISOs, FLAC, MP3, DivX, AVI etc) from a Gigabit Switch & NAS

I am looking for an HTPC Box that is:
- Ready i.e. A small footprint box like AOpenPC (I hope I got the name right) on which I could install XBMC (on Linux or Windows - dont care as long as the better, stable, faster one can be installed)
- Motherboard & Small Case that you can suggest that would do this
- Streams the media from a NAS
- Remote Control thats easy to use for Parents - Do not have to worry about underlying OS.

I am also looking to buy a NAS (QNAP or Synology) with SATA + RAID or building something that resembles it.

NOW - I "CURRENTLY" prefer to keep them separate since I want the NAS setup in this old closet where all the CAT6 cables go to at a level below the Living Room.

BUT - I might combine them if I cant find a cheap HTPC box that does the above XBMC work for me.

Quote:Network Media Streamer from a NAS: DVD ISOs, FLAC, MP3, DivX, AVI, MPG etc

I am considering using Mac Mini with XBMC to stream from a NAS the above formats.

Would it do a DVD ISOs, (SD & HD Content from HD / Blu Ray).

I have used Macs in the past but have no major interest in it besides using it for Media Streaming from a NAS with XMBC.

Would this work well?

Does the remote provide good enough navigation for the XBMC?

I was considering buying an NMT device like a Popcorn Hour but XBMC caught my eye and I am wondering if I could have an HDMI XBMC (instead of PCH) right away even if I dont have HD Content on me at the moment.
Crap. I cant edit the Posts.

Prefer something that is small like & looks like a Mac Mini or a DVD Players / HT Receiver.

Also, if its not a complete Box / Case with Motherboard do suggest that. Thanks.
Asus P5N-EM HDMI nForce 630i, 2xPCI, 1xPCIe x1, 1xPCIe x16, 3xDDR2, Sound, Gbit LAN, VGA shared, S-ATA II RAID, HDMI
Asus P5E-VM HDMI Intel G35, 1xPCI, 2xPCIe x1, 1xPCIe x16, 4xDDR2, Gbit LAN, VGA shared, S-ATA II RAID, FW, HDMI

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Sockel 775, FSB 1333, Wolfdale, 64bit, Dual Core, box
Core 2 Duo E8400 Sockel 775, FSB 1333, Wolfdale, 64bit, Dual Core +BTF95 Sockel 754/939/940/AM2/775, <150W, passiv

AeroCool M40 o. Netzteil, Micro ATX, Display, 120mm cooler, schwarz
NZXT Rogue Dark Blue o. Netzteil, Micro ATX, oberes Sichtfenster, 120mm LED Lüfter, schwarz

ADJVE1B16K2 4GB DDR2 800, PC2-6400, CL5-5-5-18, 1.8-1.9V, 2x2GB
KHX6400D2K2/2G 2GB DDR2 800, PC2-6400, CL5-5-5-15, 2.0V, HyperX, 2x1GB

exactly anything above 521 is good.. but memory is pretty cheap right now..

or SSD hd.. depens on your cashflow..
normal SATA hd would do to..

as storage i have 2x1tera in a USB case of ICYBOX..
crashnburn Wrote:Crap. I cant edit the Posts.

That's the most requested thing on this forum "edit back"

I prefer a small device and easy to setup remote so I'm looking at Mac Mini's. They are currently sold out the new models must be announced soon. Huh

For a PC i would like the HFX case with a new C2Duo. Only the crapy support for IR is holding me back, i have no idea what to buy to get easy remote control, Without HOURS configuring.. Stare
@t029248, windows media remote..
icekiller Wrote:@t029248, windows media remote..

Plug and Play? Huh
its pretty plug and play.. and seeing as its microsoft standard stuff there most be hundred of people using it.. so there most be configs flying around.. but like i said.. i'll see which remotes i can afford buy it test it and then post the configs accordingly
What about the Harmony remotes are they working yet. Btw where are to Config's posted, then i can look around for a combination of devices i'd like to use?
my brother has that one.. i'll try to get my hands on it..
MODERATOR: Why was this moved to the Linux Forum? I was open to Windows as well as Linux or OSX / OSX86 for this version of XBMC.

This was to be OS independent.

PS: Guys - How does this Shuttle Machine look?

probably because we don't acknowledge osx86 Wink aka you need to buy a mac mini for osxbmc.

yip that should work Smile
Enclosure-wise you might check out the Omaura TF5 or TF8. The TF8 is available via Dell Accessories (although they've supposed had supply chain delays). The TF5 is the smallest and what I'm hoping will hit the US soon. So far this is what (to me) looks like it has the best chance of giving a Mac Mini a run for the money looks and size wise.
Probably moved to the Linux forum because we've discussed this kind of thing to death. Remotes? BTDT - MS MCE remote, I use a Harmony remote with the MSFT receiver. MB and case are the hardest part. Frankly, just get a socket 775 Shuttle XPC, slap a fanless 8x series NVIDIA card in it, and add an E8400. Discussed a few times already here...
Openelec Gotham, MCE remote(s), Intel i3 NUC, DVDs fed from unRAID cataloged by DVD Profiler. HD-DVD encoded with Handbrake to x.264. Yamaha receiver(s)
t029248 Wrote:What about the Harmony remotes are they working yet. Btw where are to Config's posted, then i can look around for a combination of devices i'd like to use?

Yes, they work. I have a 555, sending IR to a Antec fusion black case. Some work is needed to make it work tho (mainly lirc config).

XBMC Linux Ubuntu 8.04 - Antec Fusion Black
Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H - AMD Athlon 64 X2 BE-2350
Corsair 2Go DDRII PC6400 - Samsung Spinpoint 500 Go
Sony Bravia KDL-40W4000 - Logitech Harmony 555
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Best XBMC HTPC Hardware with HDMI / HD / 1080p + HDMI Audio53
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