Release [ARTWORK ADDON] RED CARPET - an Actresses PNG's resource Addon
Quote: Kate Hudson 

I still havent worked out how to get these working.. I have dropped the directory into the addons folder.. and copied the text to the bottom of the .xml file as described. but so far nada.
Sorry, i changed the download source from .rar to .zip
Is there an easier way so share these pictures? I have about a dozen more so far and would just like to drop them into a folder or a drive somewhere for anyone who wants them
If you have found a nice one, share it here. You can also collect with time and then share it via cloud and post a link.

Each picture i found/get comes in my second separately offered download link "actor pngs collection raw.rar" 
This will be the collection offered.
Unfortunately, only one picture of actor at a time can be added to the resource addon.
I give my best that with the best quality and the closest to the "convention" corresponds that all look kind of uniform will be added here.
The actors are there divided into folders and the file names sorted "Actorname_01.png" ...
If someone likes a different picture better then you can exchange it in resource addon.

Great thanks for your pictures!  Cool
But for most, the image is cut off left or right.
Read you my first post again by how it should look something like:
Quote:Here are a few "conventions":
  • simple look at the screenshot above
  • It must be a transparent png.
  • There is no restriction on resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Above, left and right should not be cut off, only below.²
  • Cut the picture top, left and right as close as possible but center body or face. (Skin makes the centering)
  • Most pictures are the body up to the knees maximum. The feet are almost always cut away.²
²(The graphics should be placed on an edge or seperator line/texture similar to clearart (as showed in my video) to make it look good, or on top bottom)
  • The edges should flow smoothly with the transparency. This is most noticeable in hair. The best are therefore real render graphics. 
  • If possible, don't use movie role images, like scarlett johansson in her avengers suite, that doesn't look good in other appearences, use more "civilian looking clothing" (but sexy) images.
The image of "Eva Mendes" unfortunately, you can only use with a white background. There was nothing worked on the edges and would therefore look like this in kodi:

If you found a image the best way is to test first out how it looks in kodi - when you think its looking good, share it  Cool

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