Release [ARTWORK ADDON] RED CARPET - an Actresses PNG's resource Addon
Quote: I don't have any secret png's source, I make them by myself with Photoshop. I also use the web the problem is that the free option only allows for limited sizes, so I use it for the head's zone since hair is the most tricky part.

I have been trying for a long time with png editing because i am also on in support. But I just do not get clean edge transitions from the image to the invisible. Restrict me currently to .jpg content.
I do not even accept any requests, but maybe I can send you a pm with a png request that I've had for a very long time and by God I can not find anything on the internet. Only one  Love

Thank you very much for your pictures!
All have been included in the updated resource and would be also found in the "actor pngs collection raw.rar" (update follows)

Allow me a few comments:
At images "Rachel McAdams" and "Melissa Benoist" has no real (edge) transitions from the image to the invisible. But nothing is pixelated and can still be used.

At "Carey Mulligan" has only her upper body. I use such pictures also at the moment but only if I find nothing else and therefore i try to avoid it. Nevertheless usable!

"Julia Roberts" and "Carrie Fisher" are full-body images and hover in kodi in the air. If I had found the most full body images on the internet, I would have chosen these,
but unfortunately most of the ones on web i found cut off the lower end and therefore i also always cut the lower end every time i want to use a full body image.
I try (as far as possible) that everything looks uniform (only as far as possible) with and currently 90% have a lower cut, so a "floor"
I did not dare to cut them now. Maybe you can find alternative or make a cut in and repost it here.

At "Sigourney Weaver", I thought at first it is a bit pixelated or blurry. But strangely it looks good in kodi again. Useful!
(I think we are on the same wavelength, for example Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Fisher, I also prefer to use pictures where they are in their flowering years or how I remember them in some movies and not how they look now like - older  Rofl  )

All other pictures have really perfect AAA quality. I did not have to compress or cut anything afterwards either.

I noticed you are using overhead 1000 pixels as the maximum height. Currently I go in the compression purely for file size.
There may be the case that some want the pictures in Kodi very large, and from an enormous size, everything starts to blur.
(That i have unfortunately to compress too good quality/too big pictures i have already described in the first post why)

A small quality/size problem that I still have to think about.
But I'm thinking about doing the same thing.

Again a big thank you for your contribution  Smile

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