Release [ARTWORK ADDON] RED CARPET - an Actresses PNG's resource Addon

Thanks for your pics!

Do you see the hatching of the pictures in the background?
That means first 3 images are not PNG but JPG with hatched background.
It does not speak against actresses to put in several pictures here. In the end the best pictures for the resource are selected (and all other came to my second download offer, the whole collection - actor pngs collection.rar).
These actors are all already included in the resource. At my first post at the bottom is a list of actors already included or just look in the resource addon. I want to spare everyone the work and the effort to work something twice.
Quote:  Abbie Cornish.png    
  Adria Arjona.png    
  Alexa PenaVega.png    
  Alexandra Daddario.png    
  Alexis Bledel.png    
  Alicia Vikander.png    
  Alycia Debnam-Carey.png    
  Alyson Michalka.png    
  Amanda Seyfried.png    
  Amber Heard.png    
  Amy Adams.png    
  Ana de Armas.png    
  Angelina Jolie.png    
  Anna Kendrick.png    
  Anna Paquin.png    
  Anne Hathaway.png    
  Ariana Grande.png    
  Bella Thorne.png    
  Billie Piper.png    
  Blake Lively.png    
  Brie Larson.png    
  Brit Marling.png    
  Bryce Dallas Howard.png    
  Cameron Diaz.png    
  Camila Mendes.png    
  Cara Delevingne.png    
  Carey Mulligan.png    
  Carmen Electra.png    
  Carrie Fisher.png    
  Catherine Zeta-Jones.png    
  Charlize Theron.png    
  Chlo% Grace Moretz.png    
  Chloe Bennet.png    
  Claire Holt.png    
  Cobie Smulders.png    
  Daisy Ridley.png    
  Denise Richards.png    
  Drew Barrymore.png    
  Eiza Gonz˜lez.png    
  Elisha Cuthbert.png    
  Elizabeth Banks.png    
  Elizabeth Olsen.png    
  Ellen Page.png    
  Emilia Clarke.png    
  Emily Blunt.png    
  Emily Browning.png    
  Emma Roberts.png    
  Emma Stone.png    
  Emma Watson.png    
  Eva Green.png    
  Evangeline Lilly.png    
  Famke Janssen.png    
  Fan Bingbing.png    
  Felicity Jones.png    
  Gal Gadot.png    
  Gemma Arterton.png    
  Georgia Moffett.png    
  Gina Carano.png    
  Gwyneth Paltrow.png    
  Hailee Steinfeld.png    
  Halle Berry.png    
  Hilary Duff.png    
  January Jones.png    
  Jenna Coleman.png    
  Jenna Dewan.png    
  Jennifer Aniston.png    
  Jennifer Lawrence.png    
  Jennifer Lopez.png    
  Jennifer Love Hewitt.png    
  Jessica Alba.png    
  Jessica Biel.png    
  Jessica Chastain.png    
  Jessica Simpson.png    
  Jordana Brewster.png    
  Julia Roberts.png    
  Kaley Cuoco.png    
  Karen Gillan.png    
  Kate Beckinsale.png    
  Kate Hudson.png    
  Kate Mara.png    
  Kate Winslet.png    
  Katherine Heigl.png    
  Katheryn Winnick.png    
  Kaya Scodelario.png    
  Keira Knightley.png    
  Kirsten Dunst.png    
  Kristen Stewart.png    
  L'a Seydoux.png    
  Lady Gaga.png    
  Lauren Cohan.png    
  Lena Headey.png    
  Lili Reinhart.png    
  Lily Collins.png    
  Lily James.png    
  Lindsay Lohan.png    
  Mackenzie Foy.png    
  Mandy Moore.png    
  Margot Robbie.png    
  Marie Avgeropoulos.png    
  Marion Cotillard.png    
  Mary Elizabeth Winstead.png    
  Megan Fox.png    
  Melissa Benoist.png    
  Michelle Rodriguez.png    
  Michelle Williams.png    
  Mila Kunis.png    
  Miley Cyrus.png    
  Milla Jovovich.png    
  Mira Sorvino.png    
  Monica Bellucci.png    
  Naomi Watts.png    
  Natalie Dormer.png    
  Natalie Portman.png    
  Nicole Kidman.png    
  Nina Dobrev.png    
  Olga Kurylenko.png    
  Olivia Munn.png    
  Olivia Wilde.png    
  Pamela Anderson.png    
  Pen'lope Cruz.png    
  Rachel McAdams.png    
  Rachel Weisz.png    
  Rebecca Ferguson.png    
  Reese Witherspoon.png    
  Ronda Jean Rousey.png    
  Rosamund Pike.png    
  Rose Byrne.png    
  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.png    
  Salma Hayek.png    
  Sandra Bullock.png    
  Saoirse Ronan.png    
  Sarah Michelle Gellar.png    
  Scarlett Johansson.png    
  Selena Gomez.png    
  Shailene Woodley.png    
  Sigourney Weaver.png    
  Sofða Vergara.png    
  Sophie Turner.png    
  Summer Glau.png    
  Tricia Helfer.png    
  Vanessa Hudgens.png    
  Yvonne Strahovski.png    
  Zoe Kazan.png    
  Zoe Saldana.png    
  Zooey Deschanel.png
Although I support, I do not work with PNG cutouts myself, I've tried a lot, but I just do not get it well enough. You are already far ahead of me. If you go to recommendations Photoshop and GIMP are the best programs that are suitable. So you use the right program, now all you need is skill and practice. The image of Carrie Fisher does not have a flowing transition at the edges, from the image to the invisible. I hope you use Chrome, in Chrome you can view and open PNG as an extra tab quite simple with dark background. You can see the transitions there very well. Look at a few examples of @manfeed posts how it should look like.
See also section concerning the quality in my first post:
Quote:The edges should flow smoothly with the transparency. This is most noticeable in hair. The best are therefore real render graphics. 
@manfeed also uses a very useful and noteworthy solution look this post:
In the picture of Carrie Fisher she has costume and mask of the Star Wars movies. The image of the actress should not be directly related to a movie/franchise but be more neutral (but preferably eyecandy)
See also in my first post:
Quote:If possible, don't use movie role images, like scarlett johansson in her avengers suite, that doesn't look good in other appearences, use more "civilian looking clothing" (but sexy) images..
It would therefore fit more to my other artwork project: [ARTWORK PACK] Characterart for Movies/Moviesets

Great thanks in Advance

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