Release [ARTWORK ADDON] RED CARPET - an Actresses PNG's resource Addon
(2019-04-12, 10:42)manfeed Wrote: two candidates

I do not want to ask you too much for advice, you have already supported the project so much and after all, you are also always something to do "Skilled Skinner". But maybe you have an idea:

I have also experimented a couple of times to implement the addon as a multiimage. I know it would not make sense for your kind of implementation. But the way I use the addon it would be a nice to have. I have no intention to actually implement that but I am willing to solve the problem on my side.

Now it's working with control type image -> $INFO[Container(50).ListItem.Label,resource://resource.images.actorpngs/,.png]
I have to change the code to control type multiimage -> $INFO[Container(50).ListItem.Label,resource://resource.images.actorpngs/]

I have also change the addon resource structure from actressname.png to actressnamefolder (and put there as many images i want, however named in it)
As far as it works and it will also display multi-image.

The Problem:
The same problem as always with multiimage. As long as the control type does not get a new image to display, it hangs on the previous image. It will recognize  if a new image is available, but it will not recognize if none is available and will hang on last because of that.
Problem can be solved when use under visible conditions a Control.GetLabel, but then the picture flickers immediately on query, on no matter which animation settings i have set. I can then no longer use animations (a simple short fade) and all is flickering when it gets image.
Hope i translated that now the right way how the behavior is.

Btw, i got your pm and saw your video. Your kind of implementation is really nice and eyecandy. Also tried to install the skin to see it, but on the 3rd error try i recognized your skin is Leia exklusive and i am still on 17.6 (cause of TvTunes) lool  Laugh But I copied out all the necessary codes. I am not the most awkward with .xml, but a lot of code there is currently spanish for me. I'll need a while to "backward engineer" the code. Have a few more questions but first I have to deal more into it. I think the bingie helper is just for Leia. Maybe it will be time for an upgrade soon. But please let me know if your code evolves.

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