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(2019-04-14, 13:04)manfeed Wrote: Mandy Moore
The previous one looked good too, but this one is even better!
Quote:I think it's high time you changed to Leia...
Yes, but I have great respect (if not fear) to port my skin mod to Leia. I think I have to start all over again.
Quote:I did some time ago and forgot about the problems you mentioned with multiimages; now I use the new policy for artworks (see ) it took me some time and effort to adapt my existing files to that but it's proven to be time well invested.
I also use ArtworkHelper and some of its codes. I have to point out that the problems with multiimage are not related to which code you use. It's up to multiimage itself. I have tested all variants with which one could use multiimage:
usual ListItem.Path, SkinHelper Codes, multiimage via fadelabel control, ArtworkHelper with and without a &&amp chain. -> Always the same behavior!
Multiimage was clearly thought that way, and only works good when there are always backdrops and never one is empty. And that only exists with fanart and poster.
I use a lot of multiimage commands for my projects in my skin mod but i use in every case dirty workarounds that it become good functional.

On TvShows, Movies and Sets i use multiimage Characterart. The workaround is really dirty, i've positioned a Characterart on every TvShow, every Movie and every Set in my DB. Where no "real" Characterart exist i put a 1x1 pixel invisible PNG "fake file" in it. So everything is filled and nothing empty. Really dirty but functional for me. But now a cannot work with IsEmpty visible conditions anymore. But it does not matter. A visible condition at multiimage has always caused an immediate flicker when it got a Art and made animations unusable.

For my Multiposter (combined with Multikeyartclearlogoastitle) project i'm cannot work with fake files cause JPG cannot be invisible. Here i work with a fade delay combined with a visible condition. The immediate flicker cause of the visible condition is now outside of screen so i cannot see it. In the delay time where it's not visible it's moving to the intended right place. Also dirty but working.

Here you can see both projects combined (all optional and can seperate handled)
The video speed is 300%!

You know you do not have to change the extrafanart folder to new ArtworkBeef folder system (nearby artwork types), even if you want to use the ArtworkBeef system?
There is an option in AB it can "emulate" the extrafanart folder files to the ArtworkBeef extrafanart system - handled as seperate artwork types. You haven't to change anyting in file structure but can also call every fanart in extrafanart folder with a List.Item in Skin cause it's also.
There is really no difference in function. I really did not want to copy/move all extrafanart folder fanarts to parent folder to other artworktypes. The solution is perfect for me. Working for both extrafanart folder in Movies and also TvShows.
Quote:When you make the change you could try the new version of my skin Aeon Tajo
I think I will install a Leia portable, but at the latest when I update I'll take a close look at everything. I've been browsing your Skin.xml codes regularly, but I've only seen videos from the UI so far. I wish you had more Skin videos.
Quote:since I soon will be updating it to support your new resources, characterart for movies and actresses png's... AFAIK it may be the first skin in the official repo to do so... 
Are you going to have actress png on several views or just on the view i have already seen in alpha showcase? It looks really good, but since all the png are cut off below, it should (just in my opinion) be a "floor" (or similar) down below. Just as clearart intended to be positioned on an edge/ floor/separator texture. But that is in the eye of the beholder and is purely subjective. 

Oh you also want to implement character art for movies? Really nice! In the same area were actress png will be placed or on another place? I will see... but I recommend doing it as a single image. But maybe you find another better solution than my 2 multiimage workaround solutions mentioned above. So far, one skin, the AEON MQ7 Multi-Mod from @latts9923  has implemented multiimage characterart for movies in a view too. But still with the usual "ListItem.Folder" system. But it's only some kind of easter egg feature and will not working good as long not using fake png files in every movie, just as it works now in the code.


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