Release [ARTWORK ADDON] RED CARPET - an Actresses PNG's resource Addon
(2020-02-14, 04:20)chrissix Wrote: i have played around really a lot with the addon now, i am also considering in the following:
It was always intented for a "kind of uniform look", but cause lack of content also do not restrict in tooo much conventional stuff.
Convention since beginnning, potrait mode, 1000 pixel high with the width variable, i'm very fine with that but i am considering to limit the width only with the restriction it should fit into a 2:3 aspect ratio window (most common potrait aspect ratio)

I made a template look at this example:

1, 2, 3 is fine
4, 5 is really on the borderline
6, 7, 8 is really outstanding

Main reason is cause if the skinner to not restrict his image itself it could overlap other skin elements causing maybe a not very good look on some actresses and general skin view.
But if he rerstricts the image window (in width) some actress will be very much shrinking!? (don't know thats the right word) but causing also not a very good look in skin view.

In this way the skinner can say when choosing a 2:3 image aspect ratio it's the perfect compromise. This problem concerns not much actresses, maybe 10 or max 15.
What do you think? 

In my skin I already use almost that ratio (2:3) to show the images, I also use <aspectratio alignx="center" aligny="bottom">keep</aspectratio> and I have not problem of overlapping, only problem is that the images like 6,7 and 8 look not as tall as the other ones. If you want to set a fixed size from now on that's ok with me, however, I can't stress enough that the main challenge is to find good source images... I only wish there were hundreds of suitable images to choose from, but sadly that's not the case... many times you have to make do with the only one found... I very much prefer a nice image even if it's slightly wider than usual... however, just my two cents...
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