Slideshow videos have no control (pause, stop, skip 10s)
first my log:
uvafuyuter.kodi (paste)

up and including Kodi 16 I used to be able to pause, stop, and skip 10s ahead a video which played in a picture slidehow.
Since Kodi 17/18 if I press right (or left), the video does not skip 10s ahead, but moves to the next picture.

Interestingly, if the next item is a picture (and not a video), the sound of the previous video will play in the background.

the issue exists since kodi 17, and on both Windows7/10 and Ubuntu 18.04. The PCs I'm using are middle class PCs bought within the last 2 years (so no Atom, Raspberry, ... but also no super gaming graphics hardware)

the issue might be connected to 342435 (thread)

it might also be related to:
I added a bugreport on github:
15834 (GH issue)
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Slideshow videos have no control (pause, stop, skip 10s)00