Req After a long time: Please give Media Companion it's own section on top

In the sense of equal rights:
Please, please, please give MediaCompanion finaly its own section.

Under the "normal" threads:
-> MediaCompanion has the 1st most replies
-> MediaCompanion has the 6th most views

-> Media Companion is being actively developed, updates are coming every few weeks, bug requests and feature requests are usually answered on the same day.

-> I am currently testing all the media managers that are still actively being developed to create a feature comparison list in an excel comparison, I will publish them as well.
At the current state of the comparison list MediaCompanion lags behind nowhere, on the contrary, on some features, it's leading. I know... the user interface is very simple and there is no transifex.

-> There is a big mess there and it is time that you can finally divide into different sections.
Realeases, Feature Requests, Bug Reports/Tickets, User Help Section, Tutorials and Wiki

It is no longer the little Niche script of 10 years ago. I kindly ask you to consider it.

Would also like to see MediaElch pinned
I would second MediaElch, as it offers more features than any of the other Media Managers, and is actively being developed and patched.
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After a long time: Please give Media Companion it's own section on top51