PR15821 (create empty artist info folders)
Firstly, I have been using the "artist info" folder as the source for scraping, and the destination for export since you first provided it.  It saved a massive amount of work that required extracting exported data from the single file export.

Prior to the PR, there was always a 2-step process in setting up a Kodi client
1.  Add the location of the artist info folder (read) in the music settings
2.  Add the location of the destination folder (write) in the export settings

I should note that my personal use is to leave all the album data in the traditional (source folder aka library) location as all files associated with a single album are located in a single folder (and no other data in that folder).  But I don't think that changes the principles of how the settings are used.  [As an aside, my main motivation for this is that I have a lot of art duplicated between music and video (music video) so I have identical source folder trees for music and music video.  That facilitates managing the art better.]

I _thought_ it was still possible to export artist data back to the source/library folders (album parent folder) with default settings.  I admit haven't tried this in at least a year.

Now the change with this PR:  with the new option to create empty artist folders this option changes the previous 2-step process, as step 1 now controls the location of both read AND write (but only for this option; not the existing option).  I don't have any problem with this; actually it seems the most logical method.  But it is a change.

My general feeling, and I think the most typical use case, would be default to using the artist info folder for all separate file exports, and allow use of a different export destination as an option for both the separate file export and the folder-create only "export". 

scott s.
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