Android Can not install Kore release APK
I am having an odd problem; I cannot install Kore. Tried sideloading both kore-20190211-851b8b9-master.apk and kore-20190114-0c68ad1-master.apk, downloaded from with checksums verified by the mirrorlist. Tried on two phones, a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime running Android 7.0, and a BLU Studio XL 2 running 6.0. Samsung gives me a warning that the APK can't be installed because the package appears to be corrupt, the BLU just fails with, "App not installed."

Neither phone ever had Kore installed. Searching the forum only shows one similar thread, and it was specifically about the nightlies, not the release versions. The Kore Manual doesn't list any specific requirements that might be a problem. So I'm stumped - any idea what I'm doing wrong?
There is no special requirement to install it. Either one of that files should work (they are the ones directly uploaded to the Play Store).

How are you installing it? A simple adb install should work.
(2019-03-29, 10:32)syncd Wrote: How are you installing it? A simple adb install should work.

I attempted to sideload, as I do all of my packages...clearly I didn't research enough. Is there a reason adb would work where sideloading would not?

Edit: Ok, that failed as well, but more helpfully; first is the BLU Studio XL 2, second is the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime:
C:\Users\Charlie\My Applications\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools>adb -s X606D1ZH74201832 install kore-20190211-851b8b9-master.apk
6542 KB/s (3370341 bytes in 0.503s)
        pkg: /data/local/tmp/kore-20190211-851b8b9-master.apk

C:\Users\Charlie\My Applications\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools>adb -s 320137bb60912551 install kore-20190211-851b8b9-master.apk
5435 KB/s (3370341 bytes in 0.605s)
Failure [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES: Package /data/app/vmdl530623507.tmp/base.apk has no certificates at entry AndroidManifest.xml]

(Thought this was short enough not to use the pastbin...if that was wrong, please forgive.)

Should I sign the APK myself with something like APK Manager? And how does this work for those installing from the Market/Play Store/whateverthefrelltheycallitthisweek?
The files in should all be signed. Try the kore-release.apk and see if it still gives you an error. Also have you enabled developer tools on your phone?
(2019-04-02, 20:27)syncd Wrote: The files in should all be signed.

Yeah, you'd think. Doesn't change what I'm seeing...
(2019-04-02, 20:27)syncd Wrote: Try the kore-release.apk and see if it still gives you an error.

Son of a...well, nevermind. I made the assumption that kore-release.apk would be exactly the same package as kore-20190211-851b8b9-master.apk, since they have the same date on the list. But when you suggested this, I looked at the checksums for those two and found them to be different. Downloaded the kore-release.apk, used ADB to install to the BLU, and...success. So my bad, although why the others in that directory wouldn't have a valid signature is beyond me. If someone needed, say, kore-20190114-0c68ad1-master.apk because of some anomality with their device and latest release, they'd have to self-sign the thing, at least according to my experience.

Still, kore-release.apk installed beautifully to the BLU, and I assume will install to the Samsung as handily. Really should have tested this before posting...sorry 'bout that.
(2019-04-02, 20:27)syncd Wrote: Also have you enabled developer tools on your phone?

Again, my bad; I should have provided a more complete description of the phones, which are both rooted with developers options. I sometimes forget some people use non-rooted Android devices; I never do. A computer without user administrative access doesn't belong to the user, IMHO.
Glad it worked for you, and you're right, all the files in there should be properly signed. I'll check what's going on.
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