Music on server artwork inconsistent behavior
Just rebuilding.... OK, start playback and try visiting the current playlist. Scroll items, that has art? Then back to player OSD, art now appears. I was always visiting current playlist first, but we still have an issue with art and OSD (current item)

Edit: Actually I work using Confluence, my preference and Estuary shows so little of the music data

Edit2: Initial OSD issue, hit next and song has art
"next" doesn't change anything on my end. BUT as soon as I open the music playlist and close it again "next" will make the Player.Art() values get filled? Oo
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I can definitely get hitting next to show art on OSD without visiting the current playlist.

Anyway I see the art being read from the db, it means that somewhere else the art loader from cache isn't being called for OSD or maybe current item. Could be another internet stream test issue, or that for some reason it is being labelled as loaded already. Humm.... Finding where that is in the spaghetti....

Separate matter again.
Looking at your db, the role table has been corrupted. The first entry should be (1, "artist") even if you have no others it should exist, but it is (1, "composer"). I suspect Embury addon again. Perhaps @angelblue05 can check how this happens and correct.

There is also more artist data fields that can be populated by scraping. I'm guessing you are not using a scraper addon but Embury again, so maybe that would like to be aware of this extra data for  v18. Support for sources node could be added too.

Always interesting to poke about people data Wink
And I can definitely get it to work after the playlist window was opened onces ^^ Have you tried Estuary?

Here is how it looks on my end:

For the DB stuff -> @angelblue05 will take care of it Smile
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Thanks for the movie @sualfred   Smile
I can repeat the behaviour you see with Estuary, odd that skin makes a difference. Confluence OSD implemented differently to Estuary? need to work through in debug until I catch where it is deciding to skip loading.

Edit: Doh! The difference was between cached and uncached art - using same test album repeatedly.

I have found extra places where library music files on server are being treated as streams and art loading skipped
OK @sualfred an extended Win64 test build for you to try.
Looks good.  Playback via artist/album node works now as it should. Only widget and "PlayMedia(file)" is left Smile
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Great @sualfred, if you would like to comment about sucessfull testing on Github 15867 (PR) then I will see if I can get that merged sooner rather than later.

Widgets use of PlayMedia(file) script is another can of spaghetti. Context menu actions were refactored for video, music got left out and now fitting it into the "new" approach  is non-trivial. This means that widgets for video can start playback, but music screen ones only show info. No quick fixes availlable AFAIK.
I happy that the common cases are working again. For Embuary I still have my monitor as fallback. Thank you. 
As long as you have the widget/playmedia issue on your list for v19 this is more than enough and will please most of the Emby and Plex users.
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Just for your list and v19:
PlayMedia() won't fill Player.Progress, too. Or at least just sometimes. So the progress bar will be "empty". The time duration labels are filled correctly.
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