v18 Kodi v18 not loading all TV channels from tvheadend v4.2.8
I am new to ubuntu/kodi so please forgive my inexperience.

I created a new ubuntu install.
Installed tvheadend from a command line.
Installed xmltv from the command line for the tv_grab_zz_sdjson grabber.
Spent a day or two working through getting tvh to work.
Installed kodi and kodi-pvr-tvheadend from the command line using the instructions in the kodi wiki.

The TV guide grid populates with channels and program information.  If I select a program, I can see its title, synopsis and other information.  I can play programs.

The problem is that it only shows 14 channels out of 30 defined and enabled in tvheadend.

I have played around with the settings in both kodi and tvheadend but no joy.

I have created a log file.  If someone can take a look at it and let me know what you suggest I would be thankful.
I uploaded the log file to: wigebamivu.kodi (paste)
Well, it has been almost a week and the TV Guide in Kodi still does not see all the channels available in tvheadend.  Some channels are present all the time; some channels are never present; some channels appear and disappear.

I cannot see any reason for this behavior as all the channels seem fine in tvheadend and have similar attributes.

Because I am looking for a replacement for WMC and nobody has offered any suggestions for how to proceed (let alone solutions), in a few days I will dump Kodi and try another package.

I hope someone has some ideas.

It has been two weeks since I asked for help.  I know that the folks that provide the help do so in their spare time and without compensation and I appreciate their efforts.  Unfortunately, because I cannot get this to work on my own and nobody seems to be able to find any time to respond with suggestions, I cannot devote any more of my time on this.  If anyone is working on this, please stop.  I will not be using Kodi or tvheadend as a replacement for WMC.
Log in the TVH backend via the web-interface. Go to the EPG tab and try to play the different programs from there. Does everything work there or are channels missing too?

I spent several days installing and configuring tvheadend before I installed kodi.  Tvheadend showed all the channels I expected.  The Schedules Direct grabber was populating the channel programming data as expected.  The web GUI was able to tune and display the channels.  However, the kodi tvheadend add-on did not populate all the channels in kodi.  The ones it did populate worked.

However, as I said in my last post, I have abandoned work on kodi because I could not find the problem myself and I was not getting any help from the forum.  I have installed a fresh copy of ubuntu 18.04 and will try to get MythTV frontend/backend working.  Please do not spend any time working on this issue as I will not be using kodi.

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Kodi v18 not loading all TV channels from tvheadend v4.2.800