What happens during folder/file rename of duplicate movies?
I have movies with multiple editions but show up in EMM as duplicates since each edition share the same movie id. What would happen during a bulk folder/file rename with these duplicate movies? Would the multiple versions be copied to the same movie folder but with different names? (eg: movietitle.mkv, movietitle(1).mkg)? Or would movie files start overwriting each other until there is only one file left? Or will the rename process skip or crash for these movies?
That's a little bit difficult to say annd depends on your settings and the way you rename it.
The renamer only rename a folder if the directory does not already exist, same for a video file if you use multiple files in the same source. The problem in the current version is that if two or more movies will end with the same directory or file name WHILE the renaming process, some files like can be renamed (moved) to the new or destination until the first duplicate file appears. At this point the renaming process for this movie stops, but it's possible that e.g. the subtitles has already been moved to the new destination and now are mixed with your first movie "version". That means the renamer only check the folders and files before your start to rename multiple movies.
You can try to fix that e.g. with using the video resolution in the folder naming scheme to prevent duplicate folder names.

I try to fix that in the next release with additional "existing folder/file" check before each renaming process instead of a check at the beginning of a batch, also the new version has an additional data field for version description (like "uncut" or "extended") that can be used in the renamer schemes.
Thanks for the info. I just want to make sure nothing gets overwritten.

I have been manually updating the movie titles so avoid multiple versions going into the same folder. But I may now consider just putting alternative versions into an Extras subfolder.

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What happens during folder/file rename of duplicate movies?0
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