Movies shot on iPhone not playing in Pictures
I'm new to this (both to this forum and to Kodi in general) and am overwhelmed by most of the tech talk on here, but hopefully someone can help walk me through this. I loaded several years worth of photos and home videos (many shot on iPhones going back 7 or 8 years) onto a hard drive. I'm trying to use Kodi for ease of family slideshows/home movie viewing, but the videos don't play back properly. They play for a second, then black out- I think my receiver/projector are entirely losing signal, actually- then start again. A few seconds later, the same thing happens again. I notice that if I play the same video multiple times, the drop outs happen at the exact same points each time. The files themselves are not corrupt, as I can play them fine outside of Kodi.

I have many movies (features) in various formats (mkv, avi, etc) that I watch through the Movies tab in Kodi and have no issue whatsoever with any of those. It's only these 1-3 minute home movies that won't play properly. I haven't seen anyone else describing this exact problem (I've seen references to issues during slideshows, but I've only attempted to play the videos one by one) but if it has been addressed elsewhere, please direct me to the relevant posts. 

And again, I'm a casual user, not someone with a deep computer knowledge, so I appreciate simplicity in explanations. I'm running a Windows PC that's a year or two old, built for my home theater and used exclusively for that.
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Movies shot on iPhone not playing in Pictures00